My LeapFrog My Pal Scout Review

I really like LeapFrog products because of their educational value in a fun, creative way that inspires toddlers to learn. I have many of their products, but one that my son loves is the LeapFrog My Pal Scout. I first saw one of these when a little girl was playing with one (it was Violet, the girl version) in the waiting room at a doctor’s office and my son was fascinated by it. Her mother raved about the toy and how neat it was that you can personalize it. Last year, he received one as a gift for Christmas and so I am here to bring you my LeapFrog My Pal Scout review.

My Pal Scout

The simple fact that it’s a cool plush puppy that can talk and play sounds is already a fun factor for my kids. Both of my children love playing with it, even though my 5-year old daughter is a little old for it. Scout does so much more than just your average talking/singing toy.

You can connect this pup to your computer to customize it for your child. It can be programmed with their name and their favorite nursery rhymes in addition to other learning activities that you can download on it. You obviously need to have an Internet connection in order to do this. It comes with a USB port to hook up to your computer. If you don’t have an Internet connection you can still use it. It comes with preloaded songs, but it just won’t be personalized.

Additional features include:

  • Teaches learning about numbers
  • Learning about feelings
  • Plays up to 5 nursery rhymes and 5 calming lullabies
  • Super soft, cuddly plush toy

For daytime fun you can choose the Activities paw (the pink icon) to play different games with your child from learning numbers, shapes and animal sounds. The Daytime songs paw (the green music note) plays up to 5 upbeat songs that you can switch out by downloading more from the selections on the LeapFrog Learning Path. The Nighttime paw (the blue moon and stars) plays up to 5 programmable lullabies. You can set the volume on the battery pack on 2 different settings and choose from 2, 5, or 10 minutes to play the lullabies.

My Pal VioletThis toy definitely wins the cuteness factor. They have the green Scout pup for boys (or it can be neutral) and the purple Violet pup for girls. Some of the songs are really cute and, of coarse, watching your little one laugh and smile while it talks to them is just plain adorable. The age recommendation is from 6 months to 3 years so even if your baby doesn’t have ‘favorites’ yet to choose from the selections, you can always go in and download new ones as they’re older. The downloads you can put on it from the LeapFrog Learning Path are free, also.

I have one stipulation with this plush toy and that is the fact that it’s not washable. Then again, it’s electronic so what do you expect. If this gets dirty, which it has numerous times, you just have to wipe it down really well with a wet washcloth or wipe. Other than that, I really don’t have any gripes about it.

While it does have a pretty large name database to choose from, if your child has a very unique name it may not be an option listed. Both of my kids have pretty common names so this wasn’t an issue.  Still, the toy is perfectly functional without adding the personalization should you choose to buy it other than that fact alone.

What Others Had to Say

To add more perspective to my LeapFrog My Pal Scout review I dug up some comments that others shared based on their experience with this toy. Here are their thoughts:

The Good

“It was very easy to download my child’s name onto Violet. It took less than 20 minutes.”
“I was satisfied that my son’s name was included in the very large selection of names available. Nicknames can also be chosen if you prefer.”
“This is one of the least annoying and most adorable talking/noise-making toys we have ever owned!”

The Bad

“The USB cable that comes with Scout is incredibly short and I would recommend a second mini USB cable if you do not already have one for another computer peripheral.”
“You have to choose a favorite animal, color and food during set up. He’s six months old.”
“Unfortunately, the dog quit working after only about 6 months. The product only has a 3-month warranty”

Final Thoughts on the LeapFrog My Pal Scout Review

In conclusion, I find this to be a really great toy for little ones. I love the fact that you can switch out the programmable songs so if you get tired of hearing the same ones over and over, you can switch it up. The fact that the toy acknowledges your child’s name is pretty cool, but I do recommend looking it up first to ensure it’s available on the website first. With Christmas quickly sneaking up on us I think this is one to add to your list. This was a really great gift idea that I think other parents can appreciate, and I don’t say that often about talking toys!

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