Keuring Single Cup Coffee Brewer Review

I always liked coffee and loved the smell of it brewing ever since I was a young girl. Sometimes it takes me back to when my grandmother would make a pot when her friends would go over and they would have cake or cookies with it. It wasn’t until after having kids that I became an avid coffee drinker (after you’ve been up for hours with a colicky baby you start referring to it as black gold!) My newfound love for coffee has cost a few coffee makers in the past that didn’t live up to their expectations, which has brought me to write up my experience on a single cup coffee brewer that I have come to love.

My husband and I both drink coffee in the morning but we’re very different when it comes to how we like it. He makes his really strong and likes just the traditional coffee. I, on the other hand, like it brewed average (not too strong but just a tad bold) and I like to mix it up with different flavors rather than the same-old, same-old every day. We always ended up making two separate pots of coffee because of this which was not very practical. Last Christmas is when he got me a Keurig K-cup home brewer to my heart’s delight. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but to a sleep-deprived woman with kids there is no other true friend like her coffee.


I’ve seen several different types of fancy coffee makers on the market, so I’m glad this was given to me as a gift because I would have had a really difficult time trying to pick one out myself. While I would love to try some of the others out there like those spiffy espresso makers, I’m quite satisfied with the one I have. How I do love my coffee maker, let me count the ways:

  • It’s convenient
  • Versatile
  • Saves on washing a coffee pot

Brews Individual Cups
kcupHaving a coffee maker that can brew individual cups easily makes our mornings much simpler. He can have his own coffee and I can make mine immediately after without having to dump out coffee grinds. The K-cups make it so easy to prepare your coffee without having to measure scoops or worry about coffee filters.

I must note that I have the smaller home brewing system which is perfect for me because it is so simple to use. Keurig does put out larger models with additional functions as do other brands, but this one was all I needed. I just add my water, insert my k-cup, place a coffee mug under it and with a push of a button my coffee is waiting for me in under a minute.

kcupsOne other feature I love about this coffee brewer is that it does more than just coffee. There are K-cups for tea and cocoa that you can use with this system as well while still keeping it simple. This is great for me because in addition to my coffee, sometimes I really enjoy an afternoon cup of tea or hot cocoa during the winter.

What’s great is that it offers two cup sizes – a standard coffee cup size and a large size for a travel mug. Our mugs are rather large so I always just brew it on the travel size, but when my mother comes over she drinks less so I can adjust it for her. I do keep a larger coffee pot for when I have company over in case they would like coffee, but with a variety of k-cups to choose from they can just select their own if they have a preference.

What’s nice is that the way this is designed you don’t have to worry about coffee grounds getting in your cup like with filters. Each k-cup comes individually sealed and it punctures a hole in it when you close the top so there’s no measuring or scooping or filters that can collapse while brewing. It’s also nice that it brews directly into the cup so you don’t have the coffee pot to wash. This may sound lazy on my part, but after washing countless numbers of bottles and sippy cups anything less that I don’t have to clean is a plus for me.

mycupK-cups are available in a wide variety of flavors and feature some of the most popular coffee brands, but not all of them. For those who like specialty gourmet coffee flavors that aren’t available in K-cups there is a My K-Cup filter that you can use for regular ground coffee. I bought one of these to try with an organic coffee blend I had bought and was very dissatisfied. It appeared as though the water went through it so hard and fast that the coffee grounds were pushed against the sides of the K-cup and the coffee was VERY weak. I have tried it with my husband’s coffee also thinking maybe the grounds were too course but I had the same problem. I read on a few different ways to fix this but I just use my regular coffee pot when I want to have that particular coffee. Here are reviews from others who have tried it:

A must-have, but very poorly made. These last us about 2-3 months max.”
“Easy to use and environmentally responsible.”

Another factor that I liked with the basic coffee pot is the hot plate. This brewing system brews right into your cup which sits on top of a drip tray but it’s not heated. The coffee comes out hot enough but if I’m preoccupied with feeding the kids or something other and leave my cup sitting for a little while it gets cold and I have to reheat it. To eliminate this problem I try to brew it right when I plan on drinking my coffee rather than leaving it or I’ll brew it in a travel mug that I can cover afterwards if I’m doing a million things at once.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my Keurig brewer. With two kids including a baby that is teething, I couldn’t get through the day without it. For those who may be contemplating on getting one I would definitely recommend it, however if there is a certain type of coffee you like I suggest checking to make sure there is a k-cup for it first due to the issues I’ve had with the My-cup. I would see this beneficial specifically to those like me who want something quick and convenient and like a variety of flavors. I hope you found this single cup coffee brewer review helpful. Now I have to go and make a cup of coffee.  😉

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