How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Cold Weather

It’s getting cooler out and you want to keep your baby warm to ensure they don’t get sick. Parents often make the mistake of bundling up babies before strapping them into their car seats. Babies are not safely secured when they are strapped into their restraints with thick jackets on, yet they kick off blankets so quickly what do you do? This article outlines safe ways to keep your baby warm in cold weather when you’re planning on going out.

Keeping Babies Warm When Out

Babies under the age of 2 are at a much greater risk of hypothermia and frostbite so it’s important to make sure they’re kept warm. Babies under 6 months are especially susceptible as they are not able to regulate body temperature, so it’s best to stay indoors as much as possible when it’s freezing out. Although, there are times you just can’t avoid it. Here are some tips to follow:

Dress Appropriately – dress your baby accordingly but don’t over dress them. This can cause them to overheat and also compromises their safety in a child restraint. In cold weather, dress your baby in thin, tight layers. Undershirts, leg warmers, and leggings are great choices to wear under their clothes. Babies under a year should be dressed in one extra layer than you,  have hands, neck, and head covered. Avoid scarves and caps with strings that could pose a strangulation hazard. If you have a thin jacket with a hood, this is ok to keep on while strapped in, but unzip the jacket to secure the straps adequately then zip the jacket over the straps.

car seat coverUse a Winter Boot or Car Seat Cover – The use of thick coats, snowsuits, and blankets underneath a child’s restraint harness poses a risk to a child as these can compress in an accident making straps too loose. Likewise, you shouldn’t have a blanket or car seat sleeping bag-type after market products underneath your baby in their car seat. Winter boots and car seat covers are made to cover an infant car seat to keep out the cold. Use these over the car seat once baby is strapped in then take the seat into the car. For older babies and toddlers, take off their coat while strapping into their seat then place coats on backwards to keep them warm.

Swaddle Over the Straps– You can swaddle your baby up in the car seat by placing a receiving blanket over the straps once child is strapped in and tucking underneath. Place a heavier blanket on top. Once baby is in the car and it’s warmed up, you’ll want to remove the heavy blanket for longer car rides to keep your baby from getting too hot.

Keeping Babies Warm at Night

Blankets and sheets are a big no-no in cribs as these create an increased risk of SIDS. You can keep your baby snuggly warm in their crib without taking chances.

wearable blanketUse a wearable blanket – These are made to go over your baby’s pajamas and are enclosed at the bottom to keep their toes warm. You can also dress your baby in footed bodysuits with an undershirt and socks worn underneath. A flannel fitted sheet on the crib is also an option.

Warm the crib – There’s nothing worse than trying to put your sleeping baby down in a cold crib! You can warm up your baby’s crib before hand using a heating pad or an electric blanket over the mattress. Just be sure to remove it when you put your baby in the crib.

These are safe and effective ways that you can keep your baby warm in cold weather. These alternatives to common methods parents often use to keep infants and toddlers warm will ensure your baby’s safety and keep everyone comfy and cozy throughout the winter.

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