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We have hundreds of articles to help you out with your parenting needs from advice and tips to buying guides for the best products, but this section is dedicated just for mom. After all, moms need a break every now and then from the world of babies. Take a step away from DIY projects and playing activities to find some you-time. There are no rules or limitations to what I’ll cover on this section.


Need a little pick-me up in the mornings or even the afternoons after a long night. You might like to check out my review on the Keurig Coffee BrewerSeeking some simple beauty tips and tricks that are realistic to get you through the day without sporting the ‘I’ve-been-up-all night-with-a-teething-infant-mom-look? I’ll share some of those with you too.

Now, we’re all adults here (I hope) and there are certain things that moms don’t feel comfortable talking about with their BFFs or are simply off-limits. We’re going to take a brief step into the bedroom to get down to the nitty gritty to restoring your love life after kids.

Consider this section your go-to place to find mom-related articles that relate to many of the issues as well as interests mothers face in their daily lives. You won’t find home-made sensory toy ideas or kid-friendly recipes here. We have other sections to cover those things. No ma’am, this page will list only those articles that relate to you personally and ways to make life a little less stressful in the hectic world we live in.

I wrote up a little something just for fun that I saved specifically for this section for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy my little mommy rap

I’m just chillin’ at home in my mom jeans,
‘cuz I’ve got nowhere that I need to be seen.
And it’s all good because I like being comfy.
Who cares if my un-ironed shirt is a bit lumpy.
I don’t shop at Abercrombie and Fitch
because they don’t sell clothes for real women with hips.

I’m a breast-feeding, baby-wearing, home-schooling mom
And my kids right now still think I’m the bomb.
I’m a short order cook because one is so picky
My floors and counters pretty much remain sticky
Baskets full of clothes and a sink full of dishes,
Spilled milk, sippy cups, graham crackers, gold fishes.
Stepping over toys in every inch of my home,
No makeup on my face and my hair is not combed.

I wait ’till the kids are in bed fast asleep
Just so I can eat ice cream and watch some TV.
The last one in bed until every thing’s done,
Try to plan a girl’s night so we can have fun.
Don’t play candy crush because I don’t have the time,
I’m too busy still singing countless nursery rhymes.

And though the days are too long and nights are too short
I still hold them near and dear to my heart
Because the day will soon come when they’ll be ready for prom,
but I will always love just being their mom.

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