Infantino Baby Carrier Review

I would call myself a baby-wearer. When I had my son, having something to carry him around with was a godsend. From day one he always wanted to be held. I had tried a wrap before but it didn’t appeal to me so I had used a sling for him at first. It was one that I received for free (+ shipping cost) from a promo code in a magazine. It was nice when he was little, but as he got a little bigger I found he seemed squished in it. There was a way you could adjust it so that your baby was supported on your hip but I could never get it exactly right and I was afraid he would slip through it. DSCN2884

So I got the Infantino soft baby carrier and I love it. It was pretty simple to use. I just adjust the straps to my preference, fasten the snaps, slip it on, slide baby into it then snap the top and you’re done. I really liked how easy it was to use as opposed to some of the wraps that are available. On that note, it is also more open to let air through than many wraps offer so it gives it better breathability to keep you cool. There are several different styles available by Infantino; I personally chose the soft baby carrier because it looked more comfortable for my baby.

I honestly do not know how I would manage grocery shopping with both kids in tow without it. I have my daughter in the seat of the cart and carry my son in his carrier and it works out great. He gets a full view from my perspective and plays with his sister as I’m pushing the basket. And at home it is just as handy. When the little guy just won’t have it with sitting in his bouncer or playpen, I can just strap him up in it and go about the housework. He’s content, my hands are free, it’s a win-win for both of us.


  • Adjustable straps and side openings
  • Two facing positions (baby can face-in or face-out)
  • Even weight distribution system
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Adjustable head support
  • Holds babies 8-23lbs.

Another factor I’d like to point out that is not featured in some other carriers is the convenient side openings. They are adjustable for a secure fit and unsnap to make it easier to get baby in and out of. This carrier is a really good value and quality for the price I paid for it. My son was already 4 months old when I got it and I just couldn’t see spending over $100 on some of the other choices. I am very happy with this carrier.

This carrier was my personal choice, but these two items also seem to be quite popular among other baby-wearers I’ve seen while out shopping.


moby wrapMoby Wrap
I’ve actually tried on a Moby Wrap and I’ll admit it was more comfortable to wear than the straps on my carrier but it was too much fabric to mess with, (and being a small person there was a lot of excess fabric as it is made long enough to fit most body types) plus it takes some time getting used to adjusting it and putting it on. It is made of a breathable cotton material but I could see myself getting hot with it during the summer.


BabyBjorn Infant Carrier
This is a popular brand baby carrier I’ve seen on many baby registries. It is similar to the carrier I have but with a higher price tag. It does have a few added features as opposed to mine – the front fully opens so you can easily remove your baby while they’re sleeping without disturbing them too much and it is made of a durable, lightweight mesh material to keep baby and parent cooler while wearing. Still, for over half the price I’m perfectly satisfied with my Infantino baby carrier.

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