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There is one particular baby gear item that I loved and I think all mothers should own; that is – a bouncy seat. These things are lifesavers. Baby can play in them, fall asleep in it, and best of all you can pick it up and carry it to bring baby with you from room to room. I especially recommend this item for colicky babies. With my son, who was very colicky his first few months, placing him in his bouncy seat was one of the only solutions that helped (aside from his swing).


The vibrations a bouncy seat offers are very calming and soothing to a baby. There are several different varieties, some of which have a toy bar that is removable. This is a great feature to have as toys can be over-stimulating if you are trying to get your baby to unwind as opposed to those with a stationary toy bar.

Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

Infant to toddler rockerI’ve had experience with different types of bouncy seats with my two kids, but my favorite by far is the Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler rocker. The one I had before for my daughter was an older model and because I had used it so often for her and my son when he was born, it burnt out.  When I looked into getting a new one I couldn’t find the exact same one as the one we had before which tends to happen often with products over time. Little did I know the previous model was recalled because if an infant leaned forward in it too much without the kickstand, it would tip over. From what I understand, this problem has been fixed so the stops on the front part of the rocker keep the whole thing from tipping over.

I h6373_1204758838241_6802841_nad other options (one my mom had and one my mother-in-law had from other grandchild) which were OK, but they both sat up a little too much which resulted in their neck being crooked when they fell asleep which looked very uncomfortable. I decided to go to BabiesRUs to look for a new one which was actually cheaper plus I didn’t have to pay shipping. I knew I wanted one like we had before that could recline more for napping. I came across Fisher-Price’s newer model which has improved features compared to the other one we had (which I did find available on Amazon.)

Here are slight differences between the two models:

Original Infant to Toddler Rocker
• Two side buttons to adjust recline position
• Arched toy that is cushioned
• Has a musical toy that plays music when activated
Deluxe Infant to Toddler Comfort Rocker
• Has a deeper seat pad
• Toy bar is horizontal – not cushioned
• Does not play music

After having experienced using both infant seats, I must say overall I prefer the Deluxe model. With that being said, here’s what I loved about this seat:


  • Rocking motion in addition to calming vibrations for soothing baby
  • Great for sleep or feedings in stationary mode
  • Removable toy bar
  • Portable and multi-functional
  • Grows with child for toddlers up to 40lbs.

There were only two factors I didn’t like with the newer model that our older one had

  • Toys on the toy bar are not removable
  • Did not have a musical toy

Really, the only one difference between the two models that I favored more with the original was the fact that the toys on the toy were attached by velcro so they could be removed except for the middle one that played music. This was nice because when my kids would pull on the toys it would come off and they could continue playing with them. Plus one of the toys rattled. With the deluxe model the toys are affixed so that they do not come off. They’re made for batting at because they flip all the way around. After a few minutes or so my son would get tired of this and was done with the toy bar. However, I had kept the toys from the old model so that they could still play with them.

Another thing was the musical toy. When my daughter used the original bouncer she loved the musical toy once she was old enough to pull on it. This isn’t really a big deal that the new model doesn’t have it because it gets annoying after awhile especially when they continue holding onto the pull ring that activates it. It would be nice, however, if it had a feature with the vibrations to play music. If I really wanted to put them down, though with some soft lullabies I could always use our swing.

toddler rockerThe thing that really sold me on this product is the fact that it grows with your child. I’m all up for multi-functional baby gear that has long-term use because you get the most value out of it. While both models are meant to convert to toddler rockers to hold children up to 40lbs. I found the deeper seat featured on the Deluxe model seemed to be more comfortable than the other seat. When your child is old enough to sit in it alone (without the straps) it converts to a toddler rocker.  My son was 4 months old when I bought this one and originally I used it just for him to nap in and soothe him when he was colicky. Then once he started holding his own bottle I would tilt him back in it so he could eat then also used it as a feeding seat a few times instead of his high chair. He still loves it at 10 months old because now he can rock himself in it. The only bad thing about that is I can’t use the toy bar anymore now that he sits up completely in it rather than leaning back in the seat because he hits head on the bar and this one doesn’t have a cushion around it like the older model did. It doesn’t cause any real harm, but now that he’s older it’s more in the way than an attraction. Still, it served its purpose for the time being.

Another factor in comparison to other traditional bouncers is that this one is slightly bulkier and just a tad heavier for picking up and carrying around room-to-room. I could pick it up with just one hand if I wanted to but really need to use both hands for getting it through doorways because of the way I have to turn it. On that note, a safety precaution to all parents with babies in bouncers: if you are wanting to move the bouncer into another room so your baby can be with you, DO NOT transport the bouncer with baby in it. I have heard a few incidences where parents fell or tripped while carrying their baby in the bouncer. This can be really dangerous and result in serious injury to an infant. Take your baby out and put them in a safe place while you bring the bouncer/infant seat into the other room.

Additional Favored Qualities with the Deluxe Infant to Toddler Rocker
Fisher-Price Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Comfort RockerA few other notes I should mention that I like with this seat is the fact that unlike other traditional bouncers, it doesn’t matter if he can’t bounce himself in it. That was one of the main things I didn’t really like with other infant seats because the bounce feature was pretty much pointless if the baby is not old enough. Then once they are capable of bouncing themselves they’re almost too big for the thing. With this one I can push it to rock him if I want to or just let him unwind and relax with just the vibrations and the deeper seat is much more accommodating for older babies.

I should also point out that the seat pad is fairly easy to remove and wash. You can just toss in with baby’s regular laundry then slip it back on once it’s clean. Plus the cute design is neutral so it works for either a boy or a girl. It has an average rating 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 100 reviews. Here are a few things other moms who have bought this infant to toddler rocker had to say about it:

“This bouncer rocker is amazing. It keeps my 9 month old busy and he loves to take naps in it”
” I bought this to replace another bouncer we had after it wore out and it is a great rocker!”
“I love this seat! It’s cute, comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and was easy to construct.”
“A great seat but I wish it had a better design. Without the toy bar there are plastic cylindrical pieces that stick out on either side which my son has whacked himself on.”

These reviews were paraphrased for your convenience. If you would like to read the full review as well as other reviews from actual buyers who have tried this product, you can check them out here. This review is solely based on my opinion and to provide information to other moms who may be considering purchasing a bouncer/infant seat.

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