Infant Development: 9 Month Milestones

By baby’s 9th month, they are developing at an amazing rate and not just physically. Your little Einstein’s brain is also developing rapidly and probably understands familiar words. In another article, I will go over toys that you can make to help promote and stimulate your budding brainiac. Here’s a look at infant development milestones your baby may be reachi57ng this month:

  • Pulls up to stand from a sitting position
  • Able to sit up alone for at least 10 minutes
  • Can pick up an object using thumb and index finger (the pincer grasp)
  • Takes interest in pleasing mommy and daddy
  • Objects to having face cleaned (puts hands/arms in front of face to avoid having it wiped)


Keep in mind that babies will develop at their own rate and may do some but not all of the above listed developmental skills. If you notice your baby hasn’t achieved any of these skills by the end of this month, consult with your doctor. It may be perfectly normal, though in some cases a delay in infant development could be an indication of  a medical problem.

Other Things Baby May Be Doing

Babies develop at their own rate and some may achieve certain infant development milestones sooner than others. Here are a few other things your baby may be doing by the end of this month:

  • Drink from a cup on their own
  • Roll a ball back to you
  • Stand up on their own briefly
  • Say dada or mama with meaning
  • Say at least one word besides mama or dada discriminately
  • Respond to simple, one-step verbal command such as ‘bring it to me’ with your hand out

9 Month Wellness Check-Up

Your doctor will probably ask questions regarding your baby’s eating and sleeping habits as well as general infant development progress. Each doctor has different techniques for performing their assessments but here is what you can expect at this month’s check up:

  • Baby’s measurements: weight, length, and head circumference
  • Vitals: listen to chest and check eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • Check development progress to test baby’s abilities such as sitting independently, pulling up, reaching and grasping for objects, etc.
  • Address or recheck any previous problems
  • Administer immunizations if not given previously (or if you chose to delay certain vaccines)

After 6 months, babies may receive elective immunizations if you choose including the flu shot. Your doctor may also discuss or make suggestions regarding new foods to introduce to your baby, weaning from the bottle if you haven’t already, and other developmental skills you can expect or encourage with your baby this month. Be sure to mention any concerns you have regarding your baby with the doctor.

Some good baby games you can play with your baby this month that they can enjoy are Peekaboo, Patty Cake, This Little Piggy Went to Market, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

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