Infant Development: 7 Month Milestones

Everything is up for grabs! By their 7th month of infant development your baby is exploring their curiosity by getting hold of anything and everything they can get their little hands on. They are reaching for toys that are out of reach and then some.  Be sure your home is properly baby-proofed. Here are some things your baby may be doing this month.


  • Sits up without assistance (they may lean forward, bearing weight on both hands)
  • Can bear full weight on feet when held to standing position
  • Bangs toys on surfaces
  • Responds to hearing their name
  • Pulls on a string (or your hair!)
  • Begins showing preference to foods


Other Things Your Baby May Be Doing

Some babies are more advanced in infant development than others and may possibly be doing some or all of the following.

  • Pull themselves up to standing from sitting
  • Walk while holding onto furniture, known as cruising
  • Clap hands, plays patty-cake, or even wave bye
  • Say mama or dada (without meaning)

Your child most likely will not have a wellness check this month unless your doctor has scheduled a follow-up to address a previous condition. If you have any concerns regarding your baby’s health or infant development do call your doctor.

By their 7th month most babies are ready for finger foods. Although most doctors will recommend Cheerios as starter finger foods,  I preferred the Gerber Puffs or Kix cereal because they dissolve quicker. Teething biscuits are also great, but beware because they get really messy! I recommend the Earth’s Best Organic Teething Biscuits because they have no added salt, sugar, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Once your baby is old enough to hold their own bottle and begins eating finger foods, they are ready to start introducing a sippy cup if you haven’t already.

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Keep in mind that babies will develop at their own rate and may do some, but not all of the above skills. If you notice your baby has not achieved any of these skills by the end of their 7th month, consult with your doctor. While it may be perfectly normal (especially if your baby was a preemie) a delay in infant development could indicate a medical problem.

Reference: Baby Development 7 Months

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