Infant Development: 10 Month Milestones

By their 10th month, your baby is probably becoming quite chatty these days. That’s because they are exercising the infant development of speech and giving you an ear full. At times it may sound like they are jabbering away in their own language. As easy as it is to talk baby-talk to them try speaking to them in regular conversation. Hearing words the way they should be spoken will help with their speech development.  Here’s a look at some of the milestones you can expect your baby to be hitting this month:

  • Understands “bye-bye”scan0001
  • Can say at least one word other than ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ (such as hi, bye, no, and go)
  • Waves bye-bye
  • From standing position, goes to sit by falling
  • Attempts to take a step by lifting one foot while standing
  • Development of object permanence is starting to begin
  • Repeat an action that draws attention

Keep in mind that babies will develop at their own rate and may do some  but not all of the above listed developmental skills. If you notice your baby hasn’t achieved any of these skills by the end of this month, consult with your doctor. It may be perfectly normal, though in some cases a delay in infant development could be an indication of  a medical problem.

Other Things Your Baby May Be Doing

Because some babies develop at different rates, some may develop quicker than others. Here’s a look at other things your baby may be doing by this month:

  • Indicate their wants by ways aside from crying (pointing, gestures)
  • Drink from a cup on their own
  • Use the tips of thumb and forefinger to neatly pick up small objects
  • Stand independently
  • Cruising or even walking

Most doctors will not schedule a wellness check-up at this time unless a follow up is scheduled to address a previous problem. If you have any concerns regarding your baby’s health or infant development, do call your doctor.

As your baby starts progressing to the walking stage, it is best to leave them bare foot. Unless you are going out or in colder climates, leaving your baby’s feet bare helps them develop better than being confined in a shoe. Learning to walk without shoes will help to build your baby’s arches and strengthens their ankles. So let those little piggies run freely.

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Reference: Infant Development

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