The Infamous Mom Jeans Are In!

I’m not one to follow the latest trends in fashion. I wear what I like and what’s comfortable, which consists of mostly tees and jeans. While some fashion forward moms like to stay on top of the trends, most of us are too busy and tired running after the kids to care. After all, most mornings you’re lucky if you remembered to brush your teeth, right? However, here is one trend you may already be following – mom jeans are in!

mom jeans

As many of you are probably aware, your body changes after having a baby. Your hips get wider as your body adjusts to your growing baby. Even if you lose the baby weight right away, those cute hip hugger jeans you wore pre-baby will most likely not fit you the same way they did before. And skinny jeans!? Forget it; with the exception of those glorious moms with magical perfect figures (With my toothpick legs, I’m more inclined to the boot cut/flared jeans, myself) I remember having a particular pair of maternity jeans I loved so much that I wore them a great deal after having the baby. They were the kind that have a stretchy waist band and were perfect during the first trimester, half way through my second trimester, and well into my fourth trimester (post-baby)! Those qualify as mom jeans too, don’t they?

As the saying goes, things always come back in fashion eventually. While there are some trends we wish would die for good, the fact that mom jeans are in is pretty awesome for those of us who were ahead of the trend. Several years ago, mom jeans were not always labeled as something unfashionable. In fact, we’ve seen many old ads where models are wearing them. Among other fads that came and went, however, at some point these jeans were deemed as afashion faux pas and an embarrassment to kids of parents that were still sporting them. Alas, times are changing. Today many celebrities have recently been spotted wearing the named high-waist jeans and making a statement.

I have to admit, the mom jeans I think of are not exactly quite the same as some of the ones that are being pictured as popular right now. Nevertheless, they are still functional. What makes this particular style of jeans so popular among moms is the high waist that conceals the post baby bump. If you have had a c-section then you know how hard it is to get rid of the flab due to the dead skin tissue.

Here’s another reason to love this trend. Hip huggers and low-rise jeans often lead to the unsightly image of butt cracks and muffin tops. Seeing a lot less of this now that mom jeans are in would be GREAT! Of course, I know not everyone will be up to following in on this latest fashion movement, but for those who are already sporting this style, high five! Rock on in your mom jeans.

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