How To’s

While there are hundreds of baby products to choose from as you’ll see in some of my other posts, there are also ways that you can save money by making your own. Making your own products provides better value because they are handcrafted and you know exactly what goes into them. It also helps you reduce spending on products already made.

056In this section I’ve featured some how-to guides for different things such as homemade developmental toys. I have also included a few ways to repurpose used items into something new and functional that parents can use. I’ll show you how to get the most out of things by repurposing them to avoid unnecessary spending on things you already have. I’ve also listed a few ideas such as how to disguise veggies.

The truth is the marketing industry targets products towards parents because they are easily susceptible into buying things they think they need. In actuality, there are several products and items on the market today that you can create at home. Babies do not need all the high-tech fancy toys that are marketed as improving and boosting brain development. Babies absorb everything around them and the simplest hand-made toy can be just as stimulating as the ones you buy in the store. The only difference is you know it’s safer because there are no harmful chemicals used to create them.

Once your baby begins outgrowing some of their things, find new uses for them. Don’t throw it out; repurpose it. If it’s too stained and shabby to give away or donate there are ways you can get a new use for it. I’ll share some of these easy ideas in the related posts I’ve covered for this category.