How to Make a Baby Washcloth Bouquet

Baby showers are a fun way for an expectant mom to get the essentials she needs as she prepares for her new baby. There are tons of ideas you can find for baby gifts. If you prefer giving a gift with a personal touch there are several ideas for cute gifts that you can make. I have a gift I’ve made for several baby showers that is both cute and practical. In this article I will show you how to make a baby washcloth bouquet!

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A creative take on the traditional bouquet of flowers, a washcloth bouquet is an arrangement made using baby washcloths to resemble roses that is pretty and mom can take apart to use for bath time. This is something fairly easy to make even if you aren’t super crafty. It may take you a couple of tries to get it just right, but there really isn’t much to it.

To get started here are the items you will need:

  • Pack of washcloths (you will need 10-12, so look for a 10 pk or buy 2 packs of 6.)
  • Clear rubber bands
  • Card-stock paper such as scrapbook paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon or tulle
  • Additional decorative items (tissue paper, stickers, etc)

DSCN2950Step 1.) Make Roses. There are several different ways to make roses out of washcloths that you can find on the Internet. This is the method I use. You can use any type of washcloth; I prefer the ones with seamed edges for making the roses because they work better. To make your roses you will need to fold a washcloth in half, diagonally. Next, roll the washcloth tightly starting at one of the folded corners to the other corner. Use a clear rubber band to secure DSCN2951the roll, placing about halfway. You can work with the washcloth a little bit to pull out the ‘petals’ for a more natural look or leave it tightly rolled as is. Continue doing this with the rest of your washcloths.

Step 2.) Make the Bouquet Holder. To make the holder for your bouquet, take a piece of card-DSCN2953stock paper such as a scrapbook page. It doesn’t necessarily have to be card-stock but it does work better since regular paper is more flimsy. You can use a solid color if you wish or a patterned piece that will compliment a baby theme (same goes for the washcloths). Start by taking one corner of your paper and bringing it over to roll into a cone shape. Bring it in so that it makes a tight point at one end. Use a piece of double stick tape to the inside of the outer corner and on the inside. You can reinforce the hold by placing regular pieces of tape on the inside of the bouquet over the inner edge of the paper.

Step 3.) Arrange your bouquet. You can stuff tissue paper (preferably the same color as your bouquet holder or pink, blue, green, or yellow) inside your cone as a filler because your washcloths won’t reach the bottom but it isn’t necessary. Place the washcloths so that they come up about an inch or so from the front of your wrapper and the ones in the back slightly higher. Once all the washcloths are placed inside the bouquet, I like to add extra tissue paper or tulle inside around the ‘roses’ for a more decorative look and it helps to keep the washcloths snug inside the holder. You can add embellishments such as stickers or appliques especially if using solid colored paper.


To finish, I take a piece of ribbon or tulle to tie around the bouquet. To secure it you will need to place a piece of double stick tape underneath the ribbon to the back of your bouquet. With ribbon you can simply tie it in a bow or like I did, make curly Qs using scissors. I also tie little baby embellishments to mine as well. You can add anything you wish for the desired look you want to achieve.

Now you have a beautiful, hand-crafted baby gift for that expecting mom. She will appreciate the sentiment and the effort put into making it and she will be reminded of you when she bathes her newborn. It’s the gift that leaves a last impression.

Require items mentioned above:

Clear rubber bands
double sided tape


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