How to Get Free Diapers

Having a baby is expensive, that’s no secret. Among many things, one of those costly expenses that add up every month is buying diapers. Then if you have more than one child in diapers at the same time, the cost doubles! There are cost-effective solutions available that will help ease this financial consumption, which I’ve covered here. Here are some helpful tips on how to get free diapers for your little one whether you’re cloth diapering or choose disposable.

Free Cloth Diapers

cloth diapersIf you’re searching for the cheapest way to diaper your baby that is also great for the environment, then cloth is the way to go. Cloth diapering offers many advantages, cost being one of them. However, you’ll likely find that the initial cost of cloth diapering is a little steep with some diapers costing as much $20 a piece or more! Your overall savings is still considerably greater in the long-run, but if you don’t have the means to purchase enough cloth diapers to start off with, here are some ways you can get some for free.

Cloth Diaper Banks
There are charities available that do provide free cloth diapers to low-income families that are in need. These cloth diaper banks rely on donations and sponsors to provide these services and will ship them out to you (some do charge for the shipping). You usually have to meet certain eligibility requirements to receive them. Here are some organizations that you can apply for:

To find a cloth diaper bank near you go to Cloth for Every Bum.

Enter Giveaways
If you’re a blogger and/or have social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, you can easily find cool giveaways where you can enter to win free cloth diapers and accessories. Companies will often sponsor a giveaway as a means of promoting their product. It’s cheaper than advertising and allows consumers to actually experience their products in hopes they’ll return to buy them. The more social media platforms you’re on the better, as these usually increase your odds of winning through daily posts and tweets. Search for giveaways that are currently running and take advantage of the many ways you can enter and receive additional entries for drawings.

Rewards Programs
Some cloth diapering stores do offer rewards programs where you can earn free cloth diapers and accessories when you purchase qualifying items. A few places that offer rewards programs and other promotions include:

You can even find cheap cloth diapers on Amazon and receive special offers through the Amazon Mom program like free shipping and discounts.

Also, don’t be afraid to contact cloth diaper companies and simply ask them if they’d let you try out their product for free. If you have a blog with many active followers they may even give you one to review and one to giveaway to one of your followers to promote. I’ve actually received a free FuzziBunz pocket diaper this way.

Free Disposable Diapers

Cloth diapering isn’t for everyone. Disposable diapers do offer more convenience and cost considerably less per diaper compared to cloth; however, the cost you pay in disposables adds up VERY quickly! Here’s how you can obtain free diapers.

I see Huggies and Pampers offer sweepstakes from time to time where you can enter to win a year’s supply of free diapers. Obviously, the odds of winning are usually pretty high considering how many entrants probably apply for them, but it’s worth a try. They usually run for a certain period of time so check around to find sweepstakes that are offered where you can enter to win.

Diaper Banks
Similar to the cloth diaper banks mentioned above, there are diaper banks that provide free disposable diapers as well to families in need. The National Diaper Bank Network lists community-based diaper banks that are available in different areas.

Free Samples
Often times you can sign up with various name brand diaper companies and request free samples in the mail. They’ll usually send out one or two, but if you have nearby relatives and friends you can enter their addresses as well to receive a few more. Likewise, the more companies you reach out to, the more you’ll receive. Granted, you probably won’t get a week’s worth of free diapers this way, but you can put them aside as an emergency stash for when you run out and money is tight. Also ask your pediatrician and the hospital if they have free samples they can provide you with.

Be sure to sign up with different companies to receive promotions and rewards that you can use to redeem free diapers or discounts. There are many ways on how to get free diapers to help you get by during tough times. You can also save more when you combine coupons with sales for nearly free diapers, as well.

Wipes are another expense that comes with diapering your baby. You can save on wipes by making your own! You just have to look out there and take advantage of the resources that are available to help you save money.

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