Baby Stocking Stuffer Ideas of 2013

Finding smaller items for infants and toddlers under 3 years old is often a challenge for things like Easter baskets and stocking stuffer ideas. With older children common things given include candy and little trinkets that can easily be picked up near the check out, but these things are too small and pose a choking hazard. So I’ve come up with some clever ideas for stocking stuffers and listed a few favorites from Santa’s bag of goodies.

Clever Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

My 4 year old’s stocking will most likely be comprised of things along the lines of a chocolate candy filled cane, flavored chap sticks, and some play jewelry. I know she’ll receive candy from the grandparents so I try to keep it to a minimum. In addition to stocking stuffer ideas for infants, I also want to feature a few things you can add to your older toddler’s stockings that do not include candy!

Snacks – My daughter always likes getting snacks so why not include them in her stocking? Things like individual packs of Goldfish crackers, fruit leather, and peanuts (as long as they don’t have a nut allergy) are great for older toddlers while finger puff snacks designed for infants are suitable for babies that are older than 6 months.

Stickers – My little girl absolutely loves stickers. She likes to put them on coloring pages and homemade birthday cards and they make great little incentives as rewards for doing good deeds. Stamps are a neat idea too as long as they’re used under supervision because you’ll end up finding ink on everything otherwise.

Mini tubs of play dough – Play dough is a great sensory toy for toddlers that also encourages creativity. They come in little tubs that are perfect for stocking stuffers. I also pick a few of these up to use in goody bags at birthday parties rather than sending kids home with a bag full of candy that parents just love (NOT).

Hair accessories – These can be for babies or toddler girls. Barrettes, bows and pony tail holders for older girls and infants are neat for keeping their hair out of the face while headbands are cute for babies with little to no hair.

Popular Stocking Stuffers for Infants

These are some of the best selling stocking stuffer ideas for 2013 that your baby will love.

Sassy Bathtime Pals
bath toysBath toys are an easy go-to option because these little toys fit perfectly in christmas stockings and they are safe for babies to play with. These squirt and float bath toys are just the right size for tiny hands and loads of fun in the tub. In my opinion you can’t have too many of these because they’re also great toys to use for a  water table and in the pool during summer.

Bright Starts Rattle
rattleBaby rattles are the classic standard in baby toys and are easy stocking stuffers. This barbell rattle is a popular favorite that is designed for easy grasping and fun colorful beads inside that rattle when shaken. They’re available in different colors that are bright and attractive to babies for a fun toy that is sure to delight little ones. We actually have two of these; one stays in the diaper bag.

Baby Einstein Rattle and Teethe
teetherA soothing toy for sore gums, this teether features a cute caterpillar that also rattles when baby shakes it. The teether portion is designed with multiple textures that help to massage gums and gives baby a sensory toy they will enjoy mouthing on. It is filled with water and can be refrigerated for comforting relief for teething tots.

Doc McStuffins Plush Friends
ChilleeChilly will feel right at home when snuggled with your baby. Plush toys are always an easy pleaser among babies and toddlers. Your little one will adore this huggable snowman or any of the friends from the hit Disney show Doc McStuffins.


Lamaze Cloth Book
cloth booksIt’s never too early to get your little one interested in reading. Babies love looking at pictures in books, but can easily tear the pages in regular books. These cloth books are great for babies because they have bright colors and textures that babies love exploring but won’t become damaged from mouthing.

Baby Care Essentials
Burts beesYour baby will likely get plenty of things they’ll enjoy from toys to treats. Get the things you know you’ll need for your baby like skin care essentials. Travel and sample sizes like the Burt’s Bee’s Starter Kit are the perfect size for baby’s stocking and they are handy for trips or keeping in the diaper bag to have on hand for the unexpected.

Shoe Socks Gift Set
socksSocks are another baby essential, especially this time of year, that makes a great stocking stuffer idea. For babies who don’t keep shoes on for very long these shoe socks are adorable with cute patterns that resemble the look of shoes for girls and boys and can coordinate well with nearly any outfit.

Feeding Accessories
spoonsEven if your baby isn’t on solids yet, you can get some of the feeding essentials they’ll eventually use. These Munchkin spoons come in a variety of 6 different colors that are bight and fun making really neat stocking stuffers. Also check out my review on baby feeding spoons.


There are countless things from essentials to teethers and toys that make suitable stocking stuffers for babies. May your Christmas really be merry and bright with these neat ideas for Santa to leave in those stockings.

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