Homeschooling: Best Free Learning Websites

I’m all up for hands-on learning when it comes to teaching toddlers. That’s not to say that I never let my kids watch TV or occasionally play games on my phone. There are many online educational websites that offer games and learning activities for preschoolers that help them learn fundamental skills. Pay close attention, because some of these learning websites for kids require a monthly fee in order to use them.

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With so many resources available thanks to technology, it’s no wonder why kids seem to be smarter these days. Electronic toys and tablets for toddlers make it easier for them to get into learning. They turn primary skills your child requires such as math, language, science, social studies, and more into a fun learning experience through games, puzzles, and interactive videos that young children can relate to.

Best Learning Websites for Kids

If you’re looking for more ways to help your child learn through fun games, here is a list of some of the best websites that offer educational value. And yes, they are FREE. What I really like about many of these sites is that they also have newsletters you can subscribe for to receive fun hands-on things you can do with the kids, such as arts and crafts, in your email. When your child is done playing games on the computer, you can give them some extra one-on-one with creative activities they’ll love.

PBS Kids – if your children are familiar with the regular programs that are shown on PBS, they will love this site featuring their favorite characters. The interactive games are engaging and also help preschoolers gain certain skills to prepare them for school.

National Geographic Kids – National Geographic is loaded with fun facts, videos, cool pictures and so much more. It’s perfectly tailored for preschool-aged children under 5 years old. You’ll also find tasty recipes for fun treats to make with your kids.

ABC Ya – This educational website is packed with learning activities that were created by certified school teachers to help teach children essential skills such as math, language arts, and more based on your child’s grade level.

Starfall – This site helps gets your child excited about reading by learning through phonics in a fun way. There is a Kindergarten curriculum and a new pre-K program to serve as educational resources for home-schooled children.

Highlights Kids – This website has plenty for your kids to love from puzzles to fun games and quizzes. You can also find fun science experiments to do with the kids for some off-screen learning time. You can also sign up to get a magazine subscription (for a fee) to receive issues in the mail for your kids to look at with fun stories, coloring pages, and more.

Fun Brain – Get your kids psyched about math, reading, grammar, science, and even history with the fun games, online books and much more that are featured on Fun Brain. It’s great for kids of all ages from preschool to grade 8.

For educational fun when you’re on the go I like the learning tablets they make for preschoolers. These are more kid-friendly than your laptop or home computer and kids the can take them on the go for long car trips or while in a waiting room. Just be sure to limit your kids’ time on these games and encourage physical play and hands on activities too.

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