Baby’s Health & Safety

In this category I’ll cover many common topics that arise with newborns and infants in regards to health and safety. Babies require special care in order to keep them healthy. Not to worry; I’ll cover the basics in newborn care and how to keep your little ones safe. I’ll also touch on a few common health concerns you might face with your baby and how to handle them. From childproofing to doctor’s appointments you’ll find just what you need in these articles to help your little one thrive.


hospitalIn this section I’ll cover health issues and topics to help keep your little ones healthy. And when they aren’t I’ll touch on a few maladies your baby may experience and how to treat them. Regular check ups will help ensure that your little one is on their way to proper growth and development. You’ll find related articles including the following:


In this section I’ll go over some ways to keep your little ones safe. Babies learn through discovery and while that may be great for their development it also means they get into anything. That’s why it’s so important to take proper measures to help prevent accidents from occurring. I’ll cover ways on making your home baby-friendly and how to avoid trips to the ER as baby proofing guidewell as what to do in the event of an accident in these following articles:

There’s a wide variety of topics I’ll go over in this category to help new parents when it comes to one of the top priorities for babies: health and safety. Other issues I’ll discuss are prematurity, caring for baby boy post circumcision, and what to do when your baby is sick. Listed below are all the topics I’ve covered for this category: