Hair and Makeup Tips for Sleep-Deprived Moms

Before having kids I was always one to obsess over how my hair looked and never left the house without some lip gloss on. That all changed after having a baby, of course. I went from taking x amount of time fixing and styling my hair to just throwing it in a bun the minute I woke up. At times, I even slept with it up! Then again, I was in auto pilot mode for the first 3 months. Do you feel me? Just because you’re a new mom, doesn’t mean you have to look like one. You can’t stay in the house ALL the time; at some point you have to make a public appearance. Fear not. Here are some helpful hair and makeup tips for sleep-deprived moms so you don’t look like something that walked out of the Walking Dead!

New Mom Hair Tips

Let’s face it, once you have a new baby your hair is the least of your worries. After a long day, all you really want to do is just relax in a hot sudsy bath. Here’s a tip for those days when you just feel like skipping the shampoo.

Baby powder – It doesn’t have to be limited to just your baby’s bum, you know. Take some and apply it to your roots (careful not to use too much or it will show) and comb it through your hair. The powder absorbs the oils so your hair won’t appear as greasy.

Suave professionalsDry Shampoo – Think of this as a quick-fix shampoo that works double duty. It cleans your hair and also helps to add some lift and volume so your hair doesn’t just fall flat. The Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo spray is a good one that you simply spray into your hair (*tip – lift from the roots when applying to add volume) and brush out.

Scalp train – Did you know that people who regularly wash their every day really do need to wash it every day because of the excessive oiliness? Your scalp naturally produces oils so the more often you wash it, the more oil it will produce to compensate. If you train your scalp by gradually going a length of time between washes, it won’t get so oily as quickly. You’re probably already practicing this! Start by washing your hair every other day for about a week. Then go two days between washings for another week or two. Your scalp will adapt and regulate oil production so it won’t get so gunky as quickly. In the meantime, though you may want to look for hair accessories like caps and scarves if you do have to go out in public during this process.

Makeup Tips for New Moms

I have never been one to overdo it on the makeup, but I do like to have a little color on account of my fair complexion. There are ways you can easily skip a few steps and still look refreshed, which in turn may actually make you feel a little better.

NeutrogenaDark Circles– After an all-nighter with the little one, your eyes will definitely show it. To reduce the appearance of dark, baggy circles under your eyes, sleep with your head elevated. This helps keep fluids and water retention to a minimum so your eyes aren’t so puffy. Another trick is to take a good concealer, like Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer, and keep it in the fridge so when you apply it, it helps to reduce puffiness while concealing those dark circles. Also look into a good night cream you can apply before bed to reduce the appearance of tired eyes.

Eyes and lips – You can skip the mascara if you just take the ten seconds to curl your lashes instead. This helps to brighten your eyes and minimize that tired look. Also keep it simple with your lips. Opt for a tinted lip balm that keeps your lips nice and soft with a little bit of color. Try Maybelline New York Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm.

Makeup removing wipesaveeno – for those nights when you’re just too tired to scrub off the makeup, use a makeup remover wipe to quickly take it off. The Aveeno Active Naturals Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads work wonders to remove the makeup while also minimizing breakouts. Baby wipes can do the trick too!

The best way to look and feel your best is to start from within. Just because you’re overtired with a new baby on board is still no excuse to skip out on good nutrition. Stay well hydrated and eat healthy food choices. Those high in Vitamin K, such as greens, are also great for reducing those dark circles under the eyes which are caused by blood vessels. Remember to be good to your body because you need to keep yourself healthy for the both of you. If you have any other hair and makeup tips for sleep-deprived moms that you would like to share, please leave your comment!

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