Gender Reveal Party

Finding out the sex of your baby can be one of the most important and exciting moments of your life. After this moment you can envision what your baby will wear, their name, and all of the cute little knick knacks and toys you’ll want to buy. The latest thing to do is to throw a gender reveal party. By doing this, you have one member of your family (usually the soon to be grandma, or a brother or sister) learn the gender of the baby for you, and plans the steps to ensure a surprise for both you, and your family.

There are multiple ways of creating a gender reveal party, and each are just as unique and fun as the next. These ideas will get you excited for your own day, and everyone will be talking about them.

Cake Surprise
Amazon ImageHave whoever is in charge of knowing the sex of the baby; be in charge of creating a cake. They can either make it their own, or go to a bakery and tell them to have the inside of the cake be either pink or blue. This way, when you cut into the cake for a slice, you’ll see if you’re having a boy or a girl!

Balloon Surprise
Use a big box, and decorate the outside of it to say “Boy or Girl”. Have the person in charge fill the box with the appropriate color. When you open the box, the balloons will fly out, revealing what gender your little baby is!

Specific Toy Surprise
Have the person in charge buy a little gift (from the dollar store) and wrap it up as a gift to give to you. This could be pink ribbon, blue socks, anything you can think of. It’s simple, and a cute way to open your gift.

Piñata Surprise
Buy a piñata and fill it with candy! You can easily find pink or blue candy to fill the piñata in—not only is this a fun old game, but it’s a unique and exciting way to find the gender of your baby.

Silly String Surprise
This is a fun and cute way to surprise everyone. Buy silly string of the appropriate color, and rip of the color tag, so it’s not visibly seen to anyone. Before making the announcement, spray each other with the silly string, and see what color comes out!

There are so many different ways to announce the gender of your baby, and each is just as fun and special as the next. Having a gender reveal can be exciting and nerve-wrecking, but sharing it with those that are closest to you can mean so much more, and will create lasting memories.

Jenny Franklin is a professional party planner and a freelance writer who focuses on ways to incorporate education and creativity into children’s parties. She currently writes for PartyPail, which produces high quality supplies.

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