Fun Science Toys for Childhood Development

Children are naturally curious about the world around them. That’s why they ask a million questions a day. Science can provide an exciting way for young children to learn more about the world around them and nurture their instinctive fascination. Here’s a list of unique and fun science toys for childhood development that would make interesting gift ideas for various occasions.

The holidays are right around the corner and I’ve already begun some of my shopping and gift planning to minimize the stress and chaos often associated with Christmas shopping. The thing I hate about Christmas and even for birthday parties is that many of their gifts are so much like things they have already. I love toys or kits that encourage creativity and can go a long way (not something they will get tired of quickly). These science toys can have much to offer for preschoolers’ early development and instill a love and admiration for exploring learning about different things in a new way.

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit 
Packed full of fun activities, this kit includes 20 pieces that demonstrate chemical reactions and helps young children become familiar with science tools. Little scientists can perform up to 11 different experiments using the tools included and step by step instructions while learning how to conduct tests using scientific processes based on the STEM Education. Recommended for children ages 4 and up with adult supervision.

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden 
Little ones can discover and watch caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies with their very own live butterfly garden. The kit comes with a voucher to mail in for direct delivery of five living caterpillars and food, a habitat to watch the metamorphosis of the caterpillars into Painted Lady butterflies and instructions. The collapsible habitat can be reused over and over again.

Educational Insights My First Microscope 
Your adventurous little preschooler can observe various findings from rocks to insects with this easy-to-use microscope. It magnifies at up to 8x with two-eye viewer for easier observations and an LED light. This microscope is perfect for little ones with adjustable knobs that are designed for tiny hands and made of durable, lightweight plastic that’s easier to carry around.

Fun With Magnets  
Discover all the wonders of magnetism with fun games that both children and adults can enjoy with this set. The kit comes with 14 experiments that are educational and fun to play. Preschoolers can learn about the way magnets work and discover different ways to use them and make things using the various magnetic pieces.

Scientific Explorer Jr. My First Outer Space Science Kit  
Glow in the dark star stickers are cool, but why not create your own constellations that are educational and fun. Children 4 years and older can discover awesome displays of planets and the stars by creating their own patterns. The kit comes with 2 constellation discs, sticker sheets, guidebook, and so much more with a projector to bring space right in their room.

Little Labs Stepping Into Science 
Introduce your preschooler to fun science experiments with this starter kit that comes with tools and instructions to discover and understand nature, physics, chemistry, air and water. Children will love making new and fascinating discoveries as they learn through experimentation using the helpful step-by-step guidebook.

Life Cycle of a Green Bean 
Children love to plant seeds and watch them grow. Children can learn and physically see the physical transformations that a green bean goes through during each life phase. It’s a great set to have in the classroom and at home, especially for home-schooled children ages 4 and up.

Fascinations AntWorks 
An ant farm is a cool way that introduces children to patterns and allows them to see how ants build tunnels. This ant habitat includes an enclosure that consists of gel, which provides nutrition for live ants (have to be ordered using the included coupon form). It also comes with a magnifying class for up-close observations.

Perplexus Original 
This toy is easy to use for children, but challenging to master. Your child will be entertained for hours with this sphere-contained labyrinth. It consists of 22-feet maze of twists and turns that you will flip, twist, and spin the sphere to guide the ball along the desired path to get to the finish line through 100 different barriers.

Animal Planet Grow Eggs Dinosaur 
How neat is this!? Children can hatch their very own dinosaur eggs with this set consisting of three eggs that actually grow. Place the egg in water and let your child watch the magic as one of three different types of dinosaurs ‘hatches’. The dinosaurs continue to grow up to 10x their size while placed in the water or children can take them out to play with. There are fun facts cards to help them learn more about these prehistoric creatures.

Kids learn through play without even realizing that they are learning. Instill an early love for science with these cool science toys for childhood development that are sure to engage them on multiple levels.

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