Fun in the Sun: Summertime Activities for Preschoolers

Summer is quickly approaching which means it’s about time to pull out the pool toys (or you may have taken them out already if it’s typically hot where you live like me) With summer comes pool parties and many fun outdoor activities, but what about the little ones? We’ve listed some fun (and safe) summertime activities for preschoolers to engage in.


Spring time presents the perfect weather for letting kids play outdoors. There are a great deal of regular activities that you can take outside and let your kids do without worrying about making a mess or breaking something. Here are a few developmental activities which help your child build key motor skills that are perfect for letting your kids do outdoors.

  • Pouring water into cups and containers
  • Rolling/throwing a ball
  • Create a scavenger hunt (egg hunts don’t have to be reserved just for Easter time.)
  • Explore different textures by letting them go barefoot (this is especially fun for babies learning to walk to see how they react to the feel of grass beneath their feet!)

Water Table Play

Amazon ImageWater creates a wonderful sensory component for toddlers and creates endless possibilities of summertime activities for preschoolers. Water tables, for instance, are always a big hit among young children. However, these water tables can range in price from $20- $80 or more. Instead of paying for a pricey table, you can create your own version that is just as engaging and fun for toddlers with items you probably already have around the house. Here are a few ideas for what you can use to put one together:

1.) Small Children’s Plastic Table with Dishpans or Plastic Storage Containers – You can use a small plastic table that is just the right height for toddlers and preschoolers. We all have those storage containers that are either missing lids or stained from storing foods – go through your old plastic containers and use them on the table to hold water in.

water table2.) Plastic Storage Bins – Long, shallow storage bins (such as those made to go under the bed like these) are perfect for creating a water table especially for multiple children because it gives each child place to play. Affix these on top of a bench outside or anything that is sturdy enough to hold it up on each end to a level that is ideal for toddlers.

3.) Use a small plastic baby pool fixed up on boxes – Those tiny plastic pools you see at the dollar store are great for babies, but once they’ve outgrown it you can easily transform it into a water table for tots simply by placing it up on boxes or crates.

For the water table use toys and things you already have such as bath toys, plastic cups and spoons, a kitchen sifter, plastic colander, etc. For more fun you can also add dish soap to the water for sudsy bubbles.

Painting With Water

water-paintbrushMuch neater than chalk or using real paint, let your preschooler loose with a paintbrush on the pavement. When you let your kids express their creative artsy side outdoors their canvas broadens to way more than just a small sheet of paper. Best of all it’s completely mess free (unless of course they manage to get a hold of some dirt and decide to have a muddfest.)

You can also let your preschooler place their hands and feet in a bucket of water to make footprints and handprints on the driveway. It’s a great summertime activity that they can cool down with and once the water dries they have a clean canvas to start all over again.

Playing with Bubbles

DSCN2534Have you ever met a child who wasn’t fascinated by bubbles? It’s the perfect activity for toddlers to take outdoors and have fun. Now they have scented bubbles and even edible bubbles that your little tot can catch on their tongue! You could just simply give your toddler the bubble wand and let them have at it or try one of these creative ideas:

Giant Bubble – This is a great way to amaze your child. All you need is a small wading pool, a hoola hoop and bubble solution. Place the hoola hoop in the pool of bubble solution and let your child stand in the middle of it as you gently Amazon Imagelift up the hoop to encase your toddler in a giant bubble. You may want to have your toddler wear goggles for in case the bubble pops to prevent soap from getting in the eyes.

Bubble Snakes – here’s a DIY idea for a really inexpensive take on those battery-powered bubble pets. Take a plastic water bottle and cut out the bottom end of it. Cover it with a washcloth and secure around the bottle with a rubber band. Dip the washcloth end into a dish of bubble solution and have your preschooler blow through the other end. This will create a long, continuous chain of bubbles like a snake. They last longer than just normal blown bubbles and your kids will have hours of fun blowing and catching them.

These are just a few of the endless summertime activities for preschoolers that are safe and fun. Other traditional summertime ideas for outdoor play are just as great – riding a bike/trike, splashing in a wading pool, and running through the sprinkler. Check back for more posts and ideas on how to keep the kids entertained and safe during the summer without losing your sanity from hearing ‘Mom I’m bored!’ Feel free to comment with any unique activities your preschooler loves to do when the sun is out.


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