Fisher-Price Sing Along Stage Review

What’s cuter than watching little ones sing and dance? Babies often respond very well to music and it’s common to see them ‘singing’ along to their favorite tunes. This cute little sing along stage by Fisher-Price gives them a great opportunity to exercise those vocal cords with a few other fun features. Read on to see my Fisher-Price Sing Along Stage review.

Fisher-Price Super Star Sing Along Stage

This fun sing-along stage comes with a magical microphone that just needs a shake to play the music. The toy is packed with many cute and fun features that entertain little ones.

Fisher price stage

The stage features five amusing songs, catchy colors, four musical instruments and a microphone. It comes with two modes of interactive play. The magical microphone starts the music when little ones shake it. It comes with a large mirror to interest babies as they see their own reflection. The four different musical instruments each play a solo when pressed. The stage’s height is suitable for sitting or standing to accommodate babies from 6 months and up. It requires 3 AA batteries which are included.

The lights and sounds are very engaging for babies to keep them entertained. It’s  pretty durable, which is one facet I really like in Fisher-Price toys. It is conveniently designed to grow with your baby at different stages providing longer lasting use that they won’t quickly outgrow. There’s a mode for babies 6 months and up that plays different sounds which they can differentiate from as they press the keys while learning cause-and-effect. An advanced mode for toddlers lets them play music while they sing by shaking the mic so they be their own little rockstars. The mirror is a nice added feature as babies love to see themselves. Putting it together was pretty easy.

Because of the light weight, the table tends to topple over very often which at times can be irritating. This isn’t a terrible thing, because the lightweight aspect makes it a little safer from injuring babies when they try to pull up on it; although it would be nice if the base was weighted to assist babies that are learning to stand. Another minor setback is the plastic mirror which can get scratched really easily.

What Others Have Said About the Fisher-Price Sing Along Stage

Everyone has different experiences when it comes to products, so I’ve included others’ reviews to my Fisher-Price Sing Along Stage review to provide more perspective. Here’s what other actual owners shared.

The Good

I bought this for my 9 month old and it is a big hit!
Many activities to keep your little one entertained.
The buttons are easy to bang and push, and the mirror is a big hit.

The Bad

The only problem I had was setting it up. The screws would not fit into the hind legs, so it is missing 2 of the 4 it requires.
The only critique I have of the toy is that I wish the feet had some sort of non-sliding surface.
Wish the mirror part was a little clearer for them to see themselves.

My Final Thoughts
This Fisher-Price Super Star Sing Along Stage is a great gift and makes a fun toy that young toddlers will love. It not only gives loads of fun while playing, but also helps in the baby’s growth by aiding in achieving their milestones. In my opinion, this is a toy that parents can expect to get their money’s worth as it will provide long-lasting entertainment as toddlers grow and develop. Even children as old as 2-3 years old will continue to enjoy playing on it.

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