Fisher-Price See ‘N Say Review

Who remembers having one of these as a kid? I know I do. One thing that I love about Fisher Price toys is their classic style that always comes back around. As with anything, they are now much more improved and have more advanced features than the original models, but it’s still basically the same thing. I couldn’t resist having one of these for my children as a neat learning toy to have. Here is my Fisher-Price See ‘N Say review.

Fisher Price See ‘N Say The Farmer Says

I had an original Fisher-Price See ‘N Say, which belonged to a relative, given to my daughter when she was a little younger. As you can probably imagine, the sound quality was pretty bad due to its age that you couldn’t really make out what it was saying. Still, I kept it around because it was a neat learning toy for showing her different animals; that is, until I came across this newer one!

Fisher Price See 'n Say

The Farmer Says See ‘N Say is much like the original in that it says the animal sounds according to the animal the arrow is pointing at. The difference is this one does so much more than just make animal sounds. It sings, counts and even has a fun learning mode to boot! It features two pages with learning facts and games. You point the arrow where you want it and then pull the lever to hear fun facts and animal sounds or hear melodies from the classic nursery rhymes “Old McDonald” and “Farmer in the Dell.”

The cute barn shape and bright colors of the animals are engaging for young preschoolers. It’s a great way to help them identify different animals and the sounds they make. The featured learning mode asks questions to help preschoolers learn interesting facts.

The Farmer Says See ‘N Say is recommended for children ages 12 months and up. It requires 3 AA batteries that are included.

ProsFisher price see n say
This See ‘N Say features 2 different modes of learning for toddlers and preschoolers to help encourage development. It requires motor skills in order to work through the action of pointing the arrow and pulling down on the lever. With more options, children are less likely to lose interest in this toy. This is also much lighter than the original version and smaller, making it easier to take around from different rooms in the house or while traveling.

The first drawback you will notice with this, which was a flaw in the original as well, is that the lever is hard to pull down. It almost requires an adult to have to pull the lever down. Also, you have to actually point the arrow first to the animal you want to hear. The original model would make the sound of the animal it was pointing to and wherever it stopped that would be the next sound you heard when you pulled the lever again. This one doesn’t do that. One final setback in comparison to the original model is that this one requires batteries to operate.

What Others Have Said about the See ‘N Say

I wasn’t easily swayed one way or another on this toy, so in order to provide a little more perspective for my Fisher-Price See ‘N Say review I researched what others were saying. Here are the comments they shared based on their own personal experience:

The Good
“My son likes this toy and it is kinda nice to have two different sides so there are more animals.”
“The toy has been dropped many a time and my daughter also thinks it is great fun to stand on it, no problems to speak of.”
“This is a nice toy, and I like the fact that the animal sounds are all realistic.”

The Bad
“This new version is not as good and sturdy as the one they made years ago when my daughter was growing up.”
“The handle is too hard for toddlers to pull all the way down in one fluid motion.”
“This is a fun toy; however it is VERY, VERY loud.”

Final Thoughts
Overall, I really liked this See ‘N Say because it offers a great deal more than the original did and still worth a great value. I find it also grows with your child, because young toddlers enjoy the animal sounds while the quiz mode is great for older preschoolers. I will say this, however; it’s more of an interactive toy for mom to play with among younger toddlers because it is hard to pull the lever and toddlers may need help in pointing to a specific animal to hear it. In conclusion to my Fisher-Price See ‘N Say review, I believe I would recommend this as a suitable buy for children.

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