Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play Sleeper Review

Here’s my take on the Fisher Price sleeper review. This is a baby item I wish had been around when I had my first child. It has recently become a very popular baby item which I have seen frequently added to baby registries and it’s no wonder why. It can easily take the place of a bouncer and a bassinet together. When my son outgrew his bassinet we had a hard time getting him to sleep in his crib. He liked the closeness and the security the bassinet offered and after a certain point swaddling was just out of the question. That’s when we decided to buy this product (well, that and the fact that I love trying new baby products and this seemed like a pretty nifty item that was hot on the market)

I have not found a product made by Fisher-Price that I didn’t like so far and I have quite a few of their baby products. This product is definitely no exception as there isn’t enough that I can say about it.

Why I Love It

It is an infant sleeper that cradles newborns for that secured feeling they love. Certain models have inserts for smaller babies with adorable head support options (such as the Snugabunny model) It also features a rocking motion that gently rocks baby with a push. Unlike the bassinet we had, the height and compact size of this sleeper made it suitable for putting right alongside the bed so during the wee hours of the night you can simply rock baby without getting out of bed.

It also folds up simply by pushing in the two side buttons for easy transport. We used this recently for a weekend trip which was so much nicer than toting around the heavier pack n’ play. It also served as a seat for him to play in since we didn’t bring along the bouncer.

Product Features

  • Deep seat with a structured insert for newborns
  • Comes with a soft, plush rattle toy and a back pocket for storage
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry
  • Holds babies up to 25lbs.
  • Three-point restraint for safety

The insert and the top pad are easily removable for washing. The deep seat makes it suitable to accommodate baby as they grow up to 25lbs. The mesh sides creates a breathable panel that air can flow through to keep baby cool and comfortable when it’s warmer. There are several different patterns and styles available whether you want one that is gender specific, neutral, or just plain cute. I can easily see why so many people like this thing. It has certainly become one of my favorite baby gear must-haves.

Both of my children always slept better in an inclined position over lying flat on their back so this was a life-saver for us as a sleeping solution with our son. I would imagine someone whose baby has reflux would greatly benefit from this sleeper as well. I found it much softer and snuggly than a traditional bassinet or a crib. The lower height makes it great for keeping your baby close by within arm’s reach as well.

It can serve as a secure place for baby to sleep, nap and play all in one. The lightweight feature that makes it easily portable (in addition to the compact folding) is great because you can let baby play or nap during the day then move to the bedroom for bedtime, perfect for co-sleeping. (note – this doesn’t mean you should leave baby in it all day, of course. I’m just stating how easy it is to go from the living room to the bedroom) I liked taking this with us while on the go over the pack n’ play because you just fold it up in two easy steps and go. There’s no disassembling anything or extra pieces to carry. Plus, there’s a neat little pocket behind the head of the sleeper for storing the included plush toy as well as a couple of other small items such as a pacifier.

The only thing is if it becomes damp, say from a leaky diaper or bad spit-up, the top pad comes off but not the bottom covering. If it does get wet, remove the top cover to clean it and let it air dry to prevent moisture from staying between the bottom cover and the actual seat so mold doesn’t grow.

Again, I LOVEEEE this product and I hope you find this review helpful. If you still can’t decide on a sleeper, don’t worry, Amazon sell tons these. Check out their reviews before you buy.

*Update: Since I’ve written this post I actually encountered Fisher Price’s customer service and have to give them an A++++! I had removed the outer seat pad to wash, which I have done several times after my son’s diaper leaked. When I took it out of the dryer I saw that it had torn at one of the seams near the head of the pad and a little of the padding was exposed. I sewed it to mend it temporarily and contacted Customer Service to see about getting just a new pad. They were more than helpful and sent me a new one at no charge to replace my damaged pad. This is yet another reason why I love this company.

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