Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning House Review

I’m all about toys that help kids learn and encourage development through play. Fisher-Price toys and baby gear have always been a brand I’ve trusted for quality and durability as you can see from some of my previous reviews. When we got this cute Learning House, naturally I expected I would get my money’s worth out of it. I have not been disappointed. Read further in my Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning House review to get the low-down on this interactive toy for toddlers.

Laugh & Learn Learning House

We bought this for our son for Christmas last year and it’s been a hit with both of our kids!

Fisher Price learning house

The house features activities on both sides with different sounds and music. There are two modes of play; one is for learning and the other plays the music. It requires 3 C batteries. The toy is suitable for children ages 6 months to 3 years.

This house has a lot of fun features on it to keep kids entertained and is great if you have more than one child. The two sides of activities lets them each play on either side so there’s less fighting over sharing the toy. Our 5 year old daughter enjoys playing with this just as much as our son. Like many of Fisher-Price’s toys there is a learning mode and one for fun with just music that plays songs they can identify like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Hickory Dickory Dock. The learning mode teaches numbers, colors, shapes, and even opposites in fun songs. I like the shape-sorter feature on it. One of their favorite features is dropping the balls in the spout.

There is so much to love on this toy that it’s really hard to pick out the negatives, but there is one factor that I may point out. You have to have enough room for them to be able to play on both sides of it. We don’t exactly have a huge room for this so when the kids are playing on it, it’s in the middle of the room. This requires having to move it each time they’re done playing. Not an issue if you have a large home or big playing area. The toy itself is a little large and weighs a little over 17 pounds, but I do like that it has a handle at the top you can grab to move it against a wall.

What Others Have Said about the Learning House

These are some comments from other actual owners that they’ve shared based on their own personal experiences with this toy.

The Good

There are so many features that keep her entertained and you can change the learning style.
It is relatively easy to clean and all the kids are fascinated by it.
The nice thing is that you can move it for easy storage. It look us about 35 minutes to assemble.

The Bad

It does take up more space than some other toys but she loves it.
Unfortunately, the new Laugh and Learn Home is much smaller and it doesn’t do as much as this model does.
All of a sudden, the electronics stopped working. I replaced the batteries with brand new ones, and there was no power.

My Final Thoughts
In conclusion of my Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn learning house review, I would recommend this toy to parents with young toddlers or babies. It’s really durable and sturdy to have stood up this long with my son who is now 2 and very rough with his toys. Seriously, I’m surprised the door hasn’t come off yet! There are plenty of activities for active toddlers that are engaging and help encourage motor skills. I really liked this toy and was impressed by all the neat little features it has. It would make a wonderful gift that little ones will be delighted with.

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