The First Years Microwave Sterilizer Review

Babies’ undeveloped immune systems make them more susceptible to germs and bacteria. Sterilization is the best measure to ensure bottles, pacifiers, and other small items are clean and free of germs. There are many different brands of steam sterilizers available for sanitizing; I particularly like the ones made for the microwave as they don’t take up counter space like electric sterilizers. As a mother of a premie I was frequently sterilizing various items my baby used on a regular basis so having a microwave sterilizer was very useful. Here is my First Years Microwave Sterilizer review.

The first years steam sterilizer

The First Years microwave sterilizer is constructed of BPA-free plastic and includes a base that holds items to be sterilized and a cover that locks closed. The sterilizer holds up to 4 complete bottles and additional small items such as pacifiers and breast pump parts. It fits all standard microwaves and meets the Child Product Safety Commission standards in safety.

The sterilizer uses steam and features steam vents to safely sanitize baby items effectively. You simply add water to the base of the sterilizer, add the baby items to be sterilized on the drying tray, lock the cover in place and microwave your items which are sterilized within minutes. The sterilizer’s lid has a locking mechanism to keep it in place for safety and steam vents allow the steam to escape during sanitation to prevent injuries. The drying tray that goes in the sterilizer has a nipple tree that attaches to it for placing nipples, bottle collars and/or pacifiers on. The unit can hold up to four 5oz. bottles total or 2 tall bottles placed on their side at an angle. You can wash the sterilizer in the dishwasher to clean it after use.

One downfall is that this sterilizer is really only meant for shorter bottles and accessories. Once your baby moves up to 8 or 9oz bottles you can only sterilize one or two at a time. You should know this at the time of purchase because it’s easy to see that it’s small and compact. You can still use it to sanitize small toys and accessories.

What Others Have Said About The First Years Microwave Sterilizer

I sought out what other actual owners thought about this sterilizer based upon their experience. Hear how some users weighed in on it:

The Good

“Makes it very easy to clean and sterilize”
“It’s much cheaper than other brands I found.”
“It holds a lot of bottles, and can be used with a variety of options.”

The Bad
“Only complaint I have is, when you put the lid on base, it is not tight, in fact there is visible gaps”
“It is smaller than I had pictured, so I do have to run it 2-3 times, but since it’s fast it’s not a major issue.”
“It is very bulky though and takes up a lot of space.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion to my First Years Microwave Sterilizer review, this sterilizer offers much convenience and affordability. It is safe, fast, effective and lightweight so it can be easily stored away when not in use. This is great for small bottles, especially bottles that have a lot of parts to them. I’ve also used mine for pacifiers, small teething toys, and breast pump parts. I wouldn’t recommend it if you frequently use 8oz or 9oz bottles because it is small. If your budget and space allow it, I do recommend going with an electric steam sterilizer like the one featured in our buying guides; however this suits my needs fine and works great with smaller items.

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