Festive Fall Learning Activities for Toddlers

It’s getting cooler and the leaves are dropping. Yep, it must be Autumn. Can you just smell the pumpkin pie and cranberries!? With summer long gone and fall in full swing, what types of things are you doing with the kids? We have some fun and festive fall learning activities that toddlers will certainly fall head over heels for.

I love this time of year as Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and the family gets together (and the pumpkin spice lattes, YUM). Once fall begins you get hit with the holidays all at once starting with Halloween and then a rush of the big meal preparations, family visiting and fighting christmas shoppers. I can understand how parents can really get caught up in the hustle and bustle that comes around this time of year, but I’ve found some fun ways to keep the kids entertained in fun ways that are both creative and encourage learning and development.


Raking/Jumping in Leaves

leavesI don’t know what toddlers enjoy more, raking up leaves or jumping into them. This famous fall activity offers several benefits: assigning a simple chore that your toddler can perform, giving them ample opportunity to exercise while steering them away from the TV, and creates a fun experience they’ll have every year making childhood memories.

Get Into Nature

One great experience for a child is visiting an apple orchid or pumpkin patch if you have one nearby. We don’t exactly have those around where I live but there are other neat ways you can get the kids into nature in your own backyard. Have them collect items around the yard or neighborhood such as acorns, pine cones (while wearing yard gloves, of course) or twigs. You can have them sort them out afterwards and observe qualities such as color and textures creating a fun sensory experience.


craftsYou know those nature items you’ve just collected? Save them to make different crafts with them with the kids. Use the acorns to let them make a wreath by glueing onto construction paper. Or let them collect pretty leaves in shades or orange and browns to use as feathers for a hand-drawn turkey. There are countless ideas for different craft projects you can make with the kiddos that are autumn inspired. Supply tools such as glue, markers, and paper and encourage their imagination.

Take A Hike

Fall time is a great time to get outdoors and go for a walk. Depending on the region you live in, it can be perfect weather as it’s nice and cool but not so cold that you have to wear 5 layers of clothing. Take the kids out for a walk or on a trail and talk about different things you observe such as why the leaves change colors and fall off the branches. Or you could just go sight-seeing from your vehicle if it’s a little too chilly. I always loved riding around and seeing festive decorations.


bakingKids love to help out in the kitchen. This is the time of year that most take to baking up delicious warm treats. Don’t  try to attempt something challenging that requires a lot of work such as a pecan pie. Find something easy and simple that you can let the kids in on with helping out such as sugar cookies. Cooking and baking is a great hands-on activities that teach different concepts such as measuring and life skills. When they’re done baking, let your little ones explore their creativity by decorating them with icing and sprinkles.


Take your toddler to visit a library where you can read or check out seasonal books with fun stories about fall and Thanksgiving time. You can find plenty of good reads such as those on the Indians and Pilgrims, the meaning of giving thanks, and how other cultures celebrate holidays. Here are some popular choices to see if your library has them:

While the holidays are often filled with excitement and family, they are also a great time to get in some festive fall learning activities that are fun and engaging to encourage active minds. What are some fall favorites that you enjoy with the kids?

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