Dr. Brown’s Long Spatula Spoons

You would think a spoon is a spoon right? Wrong! It’s amazing how many different types of baby feeding spoons that are available these days. There are the traditional rubber-covered spoons, some that change color to indicate the food is too hot and others that actually hold the baby food which you squeeze to deposit it directly into the spoon. There is one particular type that I absolutely love!

baby feeding spoon

The Dr. Browns Long Spatula spoons are uniquely shaped unlike other baby spoons. While shopping for some new spoons I came across these among the vast variety available and thought I would try them out. Although I thought the ones that you could put food into the handle to squeeze onto the spoon looked pretty cool, these were different but simple. First of all, they have a long handle that works well with taller baby food jars such as Stage 3 foods. Second, I liked that they aren’t made with color-changing chemicals like many of the other baby feeding spoons and they’re also BPA-free.

The unique flat, spatula shape of the spoon makes it easier to scrape up food from baby’s face when introducing solids. It doesn’t matter how neatly youGavin eating try feeding your baby, it gets messy and the flat edge cleanly wipes it up better than a rounded spoon. Another factor I’d like to point out is the handle is pretty comfortable to hold. This matters because unlike spoons with metal handles or the hard plastic ones these just feel better in your hand. Trust me, when you are sitting at the table for 30+ minutes trying to feed your baby you want something that will be comfortable to hold.

Contrary to a couple of other reviews I’ve read, I didn’t find the flat edge compromised how much food the spoon could effectively hold. In fact, I found that the food seemed to sit better in it from the tiny grooves on each side that give it a little depth. These are my favorite spoons to feed with that the rounded ones I still have are only used as backups if these are dirty. My son has no problems eating with them. They are also easy to clean and top rack dishwasher-safe. Dr. Brown’s makes some pretty top-notch products (their bottles are one of the top-sellers in baby bottles) and these baby feeding spoons are no exception.

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