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As a mother of two getting out and about to run errands is no simple task. Any mother of multiples whether twins or more than one child of different ages, knows that some adjustment in baby gear is required for certain circumstances. Because my children would be close in age I sought out double stroller reviews by moms while expecting our second child. I didn’t want something expensive or fancy with extra features. I just needed something to use on occasion when I would be out with both kids.

Personally, I prefer an in-line double stroller because of their slender profile. I knew beforehand I would want something that could easily pass through clothing aisles because I would mainly use it while shopping when there would be a lot walking for my toddler. I also needed something that folded compactly because my car has a small trunk so I didn’t need something wide and bulky like a side-by-side. The Graco DuoGlider seemed like an ideal choice for my needs.

Graco Duoglider

Here’s a look at the Pros and Cons based on my experience with this double stroller:

• Fits through doorways and aisles
• Large storage basket
• Convenient parent console
• Difficult to turn sometimes
• Heavy to push with both kids
• Rear seat only has two positions


MarchofDimes13For what I used this stroller for it was ok but I wouldn’t call it super.  The model I have is actually a little older (2011) than the ones they have now in stores because I got it from a consignment store, so maybe some of the features have improved. First,  I love the large drop-down storage basket underneath for holding my diaper bag, blankets, and shopping bags. It also sits conveniently underneath the seats so when my son would drop a toy while sitting in the rear seat it would just fall right into the basket (unless he dropped it from the side of this seat).

The seats are fixed so that they each have enough leg room without compromising the cargo space. They are also fixed as stadium-style so my son sits up a little higher in the back for better viewing. I also liked the parent console on here like my standard stroller that came with our original travel system. I wish it had 2 cup holders instead of just one, but that’s not a big deal because the little compartment on the side is just deep enough to hold an extra cup if needed. The covered compartment is really convenient to keep my cell phone and my keeps at hand rather than having to reach for it in my diaper bag.

I do have a hard time turning it at times because occasionally the front wheels will turn all crazy and I have to push them with my foot to line them up properly so that it rolls like it should. Besides that it does provide a pretty smooth ride.  This double stroller is also heavier to push with both kids in it then some other models. According to other double stroller reviews by moms, the side-by-side strollers are better for maneuvering and some are now made with an aluminum frame so that they’re much lighter and easier to push, something I wish I had considered when looking.

Amazon ImageThis Graco double stroller is compatible with Graco Classic Connect infant car seats, although the car seat we currently have was from an Evenflo travel system we  had for our first child so it wasn’t compatible with the stroller. I used the rear seat in the flat position for our son when he was younger, although I wish it would have had more reclining positions so I could have had him a little more upright before he was ready to sit in it completely upright. I have only used it a couple times when he was small before sitting him upright in it. I would imagine other parents who would use this with their Graco infant seats wouldn’t find this much of an issue because you would typically use the infant car seat in the stroller for the first few months anyway.

Additional Features I Like

One of the reasons I prefer the inline double stroller instead of a side-by-side is because with my daughter sitting in the front seat she can’t bother or mess with her little brother in the rear seat as easily. They can both keep to themselves without disturbing the other one. That is, until the baby gets a little older. Once he’s taller he will probably have the ability to kick the back of her seat and potentially pull her hair. By that time I probably won’t use the double stroller anymore (for long trips such as shopping in the mall, they have carts you can rent that are suitable for two children and they’re usually more fun for kids to ride in than a stroller).

Each seat has an adjustable canopy and the front seat canopy can be removed if needed. It helps to block out the sun to provide shade and the rear canopy has a peek through window so I can look down at our little boy while pushing him in it. Another feature I like is the individual child trays. The rear seat just has a plain tray which my son likes to use to hold onto while the front seat has a cup holder, therefor it’s perfect for children of different ages. In addition to the front canopy, the front seat’s child tray is also removable – yet another convenient feature for an older child as this makes it easier for her to get in and out on her own. If we are planning on going somewhere that I know she’ll be getting in and out frequently I just leave the front tray in the car so I don’t have to keep removing it.

duogliderI’ve seen that the newer model DuoGlider has an improved one-hand fold feature that seems like it would be really nice. With the model that we have it does collapse pretty easily, but it takes more than one hand to activate the lever on the back that you have to pull to close it. Once it’s pulled it folds down and locks into place automatically. Opening it up is pretty easy; all you have to do is unlock it and pull it up. The one we have also has the stand-alone feature so it makes it easy to store it when we aren’t using it.

As for getting in and out of the car it is a rather heavy stroller to transport, which is to be expected in double strollers. I have read they make many strollers with an aluminum frame now to give it a better lightweight aspect, but I have to wonder how well this material holds up over time. We got our stroller used and after hauling it in and out between my husband’s truck and my car it is quite durable and still in really good shape with no dents or bends in it.

To provide you with a better, more accurate view of the Graco DuoGlider, here are some reviews from other moms who own the newer model:

“An awesome stroller for the price. It has solid quality with excellent features.”
“I bought this stroller for my 2 year old and 7 month old. It’s easy to store and both kids fit in it comfortably. I love it. “
“I have an SUV and when I fold it up to put in the back I have to take off the front tray every time. Annoying.”
“I give this product 4 stars because it is very high quality but it’s not perfect. It isn’t quite meant for a newborn.”

These reviews were paraphrased for your convenience. To read the full description as well as other reviews by owners, check them out here.

I have to agree, that it is a pretty decent stroller but it’s far from perfect. I would have to say it’s a good buy for the price based on what I’ve seen some others typically go for. I am certainly glad to have it as it has been a life saver for trips at the mall and for outings where I know there will be a lot of walking for my 3 year old. Would I recommend it to someone else? Probably. I think many of the features make it favorable for a parent of multiple children who differ in age, especially for someone who already has a Graco infant car seat that can be used with it. For someone with twins- I would think it may be great initially when they’re little but for a few reasons not great for older toddlers of the same age. One of the reasons I would primarily recommend this to someone is for the value.  For a parent expecting twins I would recommend looking around first and spending the extra money on a really good stroller that you’re going to get much use out of. Check out our selection of top rated strollers for twins.

Be sure to check out our article on Best Double Strollers as a guide for some suggestions when looking around for a double stroller. If I had to rate this product I think I would give it 3.5 stars.

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