Disney Movie Club Membership Review

I receive special promotions for stuff in the mail all the time for free stuff. Usually it’s stuff like free books when you sign up for this or a free backpack when you sign up for that. One promotion I have received pretty often is to join the Disney Movie Club. We do watch Disney movies from time to time, though we always rent them when they come out, with the exception of purchasing some family favorites. If you’ve been to a movie theatre recently than you know how expensive it can get, especially with kids once you buy snacks and drinks. What I like about buying hit movies we love is that they come with bonus features that you can’t watch on rented movies. When I received a special promotion in the mail recently, I found it too good to pass up. After all, we do buy movies on occasion and they make great gift ideas.

Being a Disney lover myself, becoming a Disney club member was a no-brainer. They are always offering special promotions for joining which are usually really great deals. The current promotion right now when you join is you can get 4 select Disney movies for just $1.00 total with free shipping, plus pick out a bonus movie for a discount off the regular price. This is usually a regular on-going promotion.

So what’s the catch, right? When you sign up for a Disney membership you have to commit to purchasing a minimum amount of Disney movies at regular price (ranging from $19.95 – $29.95 depending on the type of movie you buy, such as regular DVD or Blu-Ray) within 2 years of signing up plus shipping. It’s 5 movies as of right now with special offers that allow you reduce the amount of movies you have to buy. For instance, in addition to the 4 movies you select on your initial order for $1.00, if you choose a Select Title bonus movie for the discounted price offered ($14.95) it counts towards your purchase commitment and you still get the free shipping. This way you only have to buy 4 movies at regular price within a 24-month period. That’s like buying 2 regular-priced movies this year and 2 more next year, plus the 5 movies you receive for approximately $16 upon your initial order. Pretty fair deal if you ask me.

There is one thing you have to watch for. Every month or approximately every 4 weeks they will have a Featured Movie, which they’ll mail or email you about. If you are not interested in buying it, you have to notify them that you don’t want to purchase it. Otherwise, they’ll charge your account and automatically ship it to you. I’ve had this happen a couple of times, though it turned out to be movies they really liked so we kept them. It’s a way that they get you, but if you forget to tell them you don’t want the Featured Movie and they charge you for it, you can return it and they’ll refund you the difference or apply a merchandise credit. You still have to pay the shipping to return it, though so just be mindful of this.

It’s a great way to get classic Disney movies you watched as a child like Cinderella, the Jungle Book, and more and exclusive movies that may not be available in stores. After you’ve met your membership agreement, you can choose to cancel at any time. I love the Disney movies, as do my kids when we have a family movie night. Movies make really great gifts at Christmas, which will be right around the corner before you know it. The Disney movie club offers movie selections for preschoolers and even adults.

They have various promotion periods for different things – for instance, when I signed up, the promotion that was offered at the time was a free Frozen blanket upon joining. It was pretty nice and my kids loved it, as you can imagine, being huge Frozen fans. If you are contemplating joining the Disney movie club, just be sure to read the membership details and check out the fine print.

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