Diapering Guide

Newborns go through an average of 8 – 10 diapers in one day or more (especially if you’re breast feeding) You’re going to be pretty busy changing diapers during those first few months but by your baby’s first year, you’ll be a diaper changing pro. Don’t worry, while it may not be the most glamorous job as a parent I’ll touch on a few options that will help make it easier on you, your baby, and your wallet!

Changing diaper

There are several options when it comes to diapering. You have cloth diapers which are more economical, disposable diapers which are more convenient, and then there are hybrid diapers which combines the benefits of both options into one. In this section I’ll cover the major differences along with suggestions for some of the best picks in diapering products. Not sure where to start? Our newborn checklist for new parents provides a list of the bare essentials and the products you will need to take on the task of diaper changing and much more.

wipingWith all those diaper changes you will be going through, the one thing you’ll use up even more are wipes. A word of advice from one mom to another – keep them handy in just about every room of the house where you take your baby. I can never have enough wipes for as frequently as I use them. You know you’re a mom when you use baby wipes not only for diaper changes but for wiping hands, face, clothes, surfaces, cleaning shoes, heck I even keep some in the bathroom. So one you can cut down on the cost of wipes is by making your own, which I’ve also covered with a guide for both cloth and disposable options.

Whether you’re on the go or simply at home, you can learn the basics of diapering and how to make it work with your lifestyle in the related articles covered in this section: