The Daddy Diaper Party

From gender reveal parties and baby showers, an expectant mom gets a lot of attention and new gifts for the baby. What about Dad? I’ve actually been to baby showers that were open for both men and women, though it’s still primarily about the ladies. Don’t worry Dads, we have a solution just for you so you’re not left out. A daddy diaper party is the perfect way for an expectant father to celebrate his new baby with his guy pals.

Burgers, Beers and Diapers

What is a Daddy Diaper Party?

Basically, it’s as the name implies. It’s a non-traditional baby shower for dad where the guys are asked to bring a pack of diapers and/or wipes. You can leave the cutesy stuff, the games, and registry lists of things you’ve never heard of to the ladies. This is a time just for dad to have fun while spending time with his guys and receiving gifts the baby will use.

Think of it like a guy’s day out, although it could be hosted at a home or backyard too. This male-version of a baby shower has all the same elements – food, drinks, and gifts – but it’s centered on dad instead of the mom-to-be. It’s also great for first-time dads to get insight from his dad friends on what to expect!

Daddy Diaper Party Ideasdad diaper beer cake

There really aren’t any rules to having a special party just for dad. It can be just social gathering of guy friends at your house or doing something you enjoy. Here are some diaper daddy party ideas you can do with your guys.

BBQ – A traditional baby shower typically has finger foods, but let’s be honest; guys like heartier things to munch on than celery sticks. If you have a backyard or deck that is party-friendly, you can have a cookout and drink a few with your best buds.

Sports Bar – If you’re not a grill master or prefer going out with the guys instead you can meet together at a favorite sports bar for the event and watch the game while drinking a few. A ‘beer diaper cake’ makes a great centerpiece idea for this type of setting and it is one dad is sure to appreciate.

Gambling – If you and the fellas like to enjoy a game of poker, this is another fun idea with the guys. Just because you’re not into the baby food guessing games doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some male-friendly ‘party’ games like poker or even billiards.

A party for dad can be any thing you and the guys like to do whether it’s BBQing, watching the game, bowling, or whatever. Guys can have just as much fun as ladies do celebrating the birth of a new baby. Gag gifts like Daddy toolboxes are not out of the question either. Just have fun with it!

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