How to: Cute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My! It’s that time of year again. Halloween is quickly approaching and you’re wondering what to dress up the kids as this year. Stores have been gearing up with costumes and candy galore. Growing up my mother liked to dress up my sister and I in coordinating handmade costumes. Now as a mom myself I can understand why as I love making my own things. Last year when our son experienced his first Halloween I received one of those catalogs they send you with birthday supplies, but with costumes. While some were absolutely adorable, the prices were scarier than the costumes. So I browsed some simple Halloween costume ideas to make my own and I’ll share a few of my faves!

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

While you can find precious get-ups at novelty shops, they’re often over priced for something your baby will only wear once for a short amount of time. No doubt it makes for cute pictures, but you can achieve that same level of cuteness while saving money by finding something you can design yourself. Here are some fairly easy ideas for your baby.

lionLittle Lion

For this costume you will need the following items:

  • A light brown hoodie
  • old brown T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue or hot glue gun

There are several different ways you can make a lion costume. If you have an old T-shirt that is brown, orange, or tan you can use this for the mane. An infant hoodie would be ideal to pair with matching pants or if your baby has a sleeper that is yellow, tan, or brown with a matching cap that has ties.

To make the mane – cut up the T-shirt into 1″ by 4″ strips approximately 30 pieces. Lay the hoodie on a flat surface and smooth out the hood. Go around the rim of the hood, or the cap if using one, and glue on each strip by one end all the way around the edge of the hood in a single layer side-by-side. Next glue on remaining pieces in between the attached strips to fill in any gaps, gluing on top of the initial layer.

For the tail – Use what’s left of the T-shirt to make a tail by cutting a 12″ by 2″ strip. Glue one end to the bottom of the back of the hoodie in the center on the inside. If you have at least 3 strips left over from the mane use these to glue to the end of the tail or cut out a few strips from any remaining material of the T-shirt.

Complete the look by drawing on whiskers and a nose using face crayons or paint.

13866_1311889476440_5012169_nLovely Lady Bug

For this costume you will need:

  • A red sleeper
  • Red cap
  • Green or Black pipe cleaner
  • Black paint (such as fabric paint or acrylic)
  • Round foam paint brush

This is a really simple costume for a little girl. Simply lay a red sleeper on a flat surface and smooth out. Place some paint in a dish or plate and dab your foam brush in it. You want to have enough but not a great glob of it. Make black polka dots on the front side of the body, arms and legs of the sleeper. Allow to dry completely then turn over and repeat for the back side of the sleeper. While that’s drying take a green or black pipe cleaner and cut into two 2-inch pieces. Lay the cap on a flat surface and smooth it out. Attach the pipe cleaners on the top of the cap for antennas using hot glue.

Costumes for Toddlers

These are some easy fixes you can put together for your preschooler to go out trick-or-treating.

witchA Little Witchy

This is one of the easiest costumes to put together. There are a number of ways you can create your own witch costume with different color combinations using the following:

  • A witch’s hat
  • A skirt or tutu

For the base of the costume, dress your child in a suitable outfit such as turtle neck or short sleeve shirt and tights. This could be a solid black shirt and black tights. Other possible color combinations are black and purple, orange, or green. One year we dressed our daughter in a black shirt with purple and green polka dots, a black lacy skirt, and some black and purple striped stockings. For the witch’s skirt portion of the costume you may have something already that you can use like a black/purple skirt or tutu. If you don’t own one, you can make your own tutu using some tulle from a fabric or hobby shop. Pick out two coordinating Halloween colors to alternate. You’ll need about 5 yards of each color or 10 yards if doing a solid color.

Complete the look with a witch’s hat and some black shoes. As an added touch you can also make a witch’s broom. You can make one using a good thick tree branch from a yard or the woods (look for one that would make a good walking stick) Break it down to size if needed for your toddler to carry. You can make the broom portion using straw, hay, or even yarn by tying around the bottom end of the stick and soon your little witch will be ready to fly (out the door to stock up on candy, that is)

My Hero

heroA classic, this is another very simple costume for a little boy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Solid color shirt and pants
  • Colored duct tape
  • Rubber boots
  • Black kitchen trash bag with drawstrings
  • Card-stock paper
  • String or twine

Pick out a solid colored outfit such as red or blue for the costume. Make a lightning bolt for the shirt using colored duct tape like yellow. To do this cut two triangles (for the outer points) and a rectangle (for the middle). For a belt use the duct tape to go around your child’s waist over the shirt. Cut out a circle (or any desired shape) out of card stock paper and draw or color on a cool design, like the lightning bolt, to make a buckle. You could also place a super cool sticker. Apply it to the ‘belt’ by folding over a piece of duct tape to place on the back of the circle.

For the cape Take a small black kitchen trash bag  and make a stripe on each side of it using the colored duct tape. Make another lightening bolt to place in the center of the cape. Tie loosely around your child’s neck with the drawstring.

For the mask – using the card stock paper make an elongated figure 8 about the length of your child’s face from ear to ear. Black works best but if you don’t have black paper try using the same color as the child’s outfit or paint it to the color. Cut out the figure 8 then cut out holes large enough for your child to see out of. Make a small hole on each end to pass a string through. Tie a piece of string on each end of the mask making sure it is long enough to tie together around your toddler’s head.

Complete the look with rubber boots and you’ve got an instant super hero to the rescue!

There are hundreds of cute halloween costume ideas for kids that you can find around the Internet, especially Pinterest if you’re a member. These were just a few really simple ideas that I liked I thought I would share. Please feel free to comment on your own ideas for kids or baby costumes.

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