Body Heat Activated Crib and Bed Warmer Review

As it gets cooler, we typically layer on the blankets to keep warm at night. Babies, however, should not blankets or anything loose in their crib due to SIDS risk. A great way to keep them warm at night is to dress them in layers of warm clothes. This can be tricky to as you don’t want them to get overheated. A neat alternative I found to keeping them warm at night is this neat body heat activated mattress pad that uses your own body heat instead of electricity. Check out my crib and bed warmer review.

Crib and Bed Warmer Mattress Pad


A safer alternative to electric heating blankets, this mattress pad is designed to use your own body heat to keep you up to 10 degrees warmer than standard blankets. It uses a thermo-lining that reflects body heat to transfer it back to you or your baby in order to retain warmth. You simply place the mattress pad in between the mattress and the fitted sheet.

newborn sleepingThis mattress pad is made specifically to be placed underneath where the person is sleeping and doesn’t cover the entire mattress. It comes in various sizes so you can have one for the crib, a twin bed, and even a full size or king size bed so mom and dad can keep warm too. To clean it you just wipe it down using mild soap and water. It’s also stain and moisture-resistant.

These are much safer than using a heating pad or electric blanket to warm the crib because it won’t cause overheating. It’s also much more convenient since it doesn’t use electricity so you don’t have to worry about finding a nearby outlet or using an extension cord to plug it in. This is also great for travel and can even be used in a travel bed.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this crib and bed warmer review, this would be great for babies, kids and parents to use. This particular product is only sold exclusively from Perfectly Safe. I didn’t find any similar products on Amazon or elsewhere to compare it to as I like to do in my reviews and likewise didn’t find any customer reviews from other actual users so the opinions expressed in this review are solely my own. It comes in various sizes so you can get one for every body. The mattress pad is easy to clean, which is always a big plus, and lasts winter after winter. For babies, you could probably use it year-round if you are like me and keep it cool at night during the summer to ensure your baby stays comfortable. I should add that this is made to keep your baby warm once they’re laying down on it as it is body heat activated, so it doesn’t actually warm the crib or bed as the name implies on its own. It’s mainly designed to keep you warm while you sleep on it. If you’re wanting a warm bed to get into then you’re probably better off with a heated electric blanket or a heating pad.

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