Creating a Nursery in a Small Space

You would be surprised by how much space a tiny baby can take up! We don’t all have big, fancy houses with spacious rooms. Despite all of the big, bulky baby furniture that is available, it is possible to create a nursery in a small space that is inviting and functional. I will share some helpful tips and recommendations for creating the perfect nursery to fit your needs.

small nursery

Planning your baby’s nursery is always fun and exciting. It’s also a part of the nesting instinct that many expecting mom goes through. For some, it can be a little stressful trying to get everything in order before baby arrives. Not to worry. Here are some simple ways that you can make a nursery in a small space work and even save money.

Consider a Mini Crib mini crib
Standard baby cribs are massive. They can take up a lot of space in a small room, making it feel even more cramped. This was an issue with our second baby after we moved. No matter how we tried positioning it, it just didn’t work in the space we had. Most babies will be ready for a toddler bed or big kid bed long before they outgrow their crib. A mini crib is a great option for tight living quarters, measuring 15” shorter than most standard cribs.

Choose a Dresser/Changer in One
Changing table dresserA changing table is a nice luxury but it certainly isn’t necessary. After your first baby, you will likely have changed a diaper nearly anywhere. However, they are convenient and can save your back from being hunched over while changing on the bed or the floor. You will need a storage option for baby’s clothes, so why not go two-for-one? Many dressers for babies are designed with a changer on top; you just need to add a changing pad. Plus, it makes changes more convenient, because your baby’s clothes are right at hand. You can look into a diaper caddy to hold diapering essentials nearby.

Another option I’ve seen is a crib with a built-in changer and drawers on the side.  I have considered this option when looking for a second crib, but this wasn’t practical for us. This is nice if you do have the room for a full-size crib; although it will take up more space than a standard crib. You can check out my review on it if you think it’s worth considering.

Vertical and Hidden Storage
storageWhen looking to save space, the best way to go is up. Vertical storage options allow you to store more while taking up a smaller footprint. We used stackable open bins in the closet for storing shoes, toys, and other items to keep them organized. We also used those plastic stacking drawers in place of a night stand for the lamp which held books, clothing accessories like hats/bonnets, and socks/booties. We had one in the kitchen as well for the bottles and feeding supplies.

toy hammockTake your storage off the floor with hanging options like a toy hammock for stuffed animals or a back of the door hanging organizer  for the closet that can hold shoes and toys. You can also hang a laundry bag in the closet or behind the nursery door instead of a hamper. Be sure to utilize all of your space, including under the crib for additional storage space.

Multi-Function Décor
wall art with pegsCute décor adds a nice personal touch to a nursery. Make it double for functionality. Look for wall art or decor with pegs that you can hang things from. If you use letters to spell out your baby’s name, attach ribbons to them to attach hair bows for little girls. Book shelves provide a space for books, photos, collectibles or keepsakes, etc. Add a book shelf with hooks underneath to hang things like a diaper stacker. You can even double a sturdy bookshelf for a closet by installing a rack under it to hang up baby’s clothes.

Additional ways you can help free up space throughout the home is by going with multi-function baby gear that serves more than one purpose. Likewise, portable baby gear options that collapse or fold down when not in use can offer space-saving convenience and easily go from your house to grandma’s. For more ideas on how to save space and organizing a nursery in a small space, check out our article on organizing tips.

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