Coordinating Costume Ideas for Siblings

Growing up my mother often dressed my sister and I in coordinating costumes and outfits and I always loved the idea. Since I have a boy and a girl it’s a little hard to put them in matching outfits, but I thought I would have their costumes coordinate. Last year we went with a traditional Halloween theme because she really wanted to be a witch, which I put together myself. So I dressed my son as a pumpkin because I think babies are just so adorable as little round pumpkins. This year is a little tougher because she wants to be a mermaid so I thought I would share some adorable coordinating costume ideas for siblings that I was looking at to get inspiration.

Generic Coordinating Costume Ideas

These are some cute ideas that are fairly neutral to work with boys or girls. These are also suitable for larger families of 3 or more children.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends
This is great if you have two or more children of different genders. You can dress up the little ones in their favorite character from this Disney classic. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are great choices for boys while Eeyore or Piglet would be suitable options for little girls. For her first Halloween, my daughter had a tigger bodysuit she wore for a portion of Halloween night so Tigger could also be neutral.

Winnie the pohTiggerpigletEeyore

The Wizard of Oz
Follow the yellow brick road with these classic characters. Dorothy, of course would be great for girls while any of the other famous characters would work well for boys or girls such as the Tin Man, Scarecrow, or even the Lion and the Wicked Witch. Mom and dad can join in on the fun as well with several options such as Glenda the good witch and the powerful Wizard. Other options also include the munchkins or the lollipop kids.

dorothy    scarecrow tinman lionwicked witch

Sesame Street
There are sooo many options you can go with for a Sesame Street theme. From the lovable characters I grew up with such as Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird to the newer characters that have been introduced in my daughter’s generation such as Abby Cadabby and Murray. You can let your child pick their favorite character to dress up as or just choose a random combination of furry monsters inspired by the show while they Trick-or-Treat.

elmocookie monsterAbby

piggiesThe Three Little Pigs
This is an adorable theme if you have three or even four kiddos to dress up. Little piggies can be boys or girls and throw in the big bad wolf to complete the classic nursery rhyme theme. My husband already has a wolf costume so I could dress up as a pig along with the kids for a cute family coordinating costume theme as well.

Costume Combinations for Boys and Girls

Whether you have twins or two children of opposite genders, these are some precious ideas that you can couple up. These are so cute I hope my kids will agree on for a few years to come so I can try out all of these.

Raggedy AnnRaggedy Anne and AndyAndy
This is one of the first ideas that came to mind that I would love to do with the kids one year. Raggedy Anne and Andy, a classic rag doll duo, present a perfect opportunity for dressing up a sister and brother together. With a red and blue dress and some red yarn for Anne and a sailor suit or just the hat with some blue pants, this is an easy costume idea that you can put together yourself.

Little Bo Peep and Her Sheep
This is one I really wanted to try one year and is perfect if your kids are siblings of different ages like mine. Bo peep and her baby brother (or sister) dressed up as an adorable sheep make a really cute duo that coordinate well together inspired from the famous nursery rhyme.

Bo Peep     sheep

MickeyMinnieMickey Mouse and Minnie
I’m actually planning on going with this theme for the kids’ birthday parties next year. These two have been around for decades and pair quite nicely for Halloween or even party costumes. Choose either the classic red/white polka dot skirt or the modern-day pink/white polka dress for Minnie and keep it simple with a black top and red bottoms for Mickey and don’t forget those mouse ears. We’ve got ears, say CHEERS!

There are just so many ideas that I can’t list them all but here are a few other ones I can think of that would be really cute:

  • Pebbles and Bam Bam
  • Thing One and Thing Two
  • Miss Muffet and the Spider

Coordinating Costumes for Girls

If you have two or more girls or your daughter wants to dress up to match her best friend then here are some fabulous finds that work well together.

Disney Princesses
These are very popular around Halloween because nearly every girl wants to be a princess at some point in her life. Choose any among the classics such as Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, or Snow White. If they both want to be the same princess, that’s fine too. This also inspires another idea for girls with a brother by adding a charming Prince to the mix!

BelleCinderellaAuroraSnow white

There is actually a show that features Tinker bell and other fairies. There are dozens of a variety of fairy costumes I’ve seen which is perfect for little girls. Pair a colorful tutu with a set of wings and you have an instant fairy. Keep it simple by picking up a pair of wings at the dollar store and creating their own tutus with the colors they like. They could be each a different color, like the original fairies from Sleeping Beauty that are presently featured on the Disney show, Sofia the First.

Naughty and Nice
If you have two girls with completely different personalities you can pair naughty and nice with these outfits. Rather than the more popular angel/devil costumes you often see that combine the two together, dress one as an angel in white with wings and the other as a red devil with horns and a tail. Or you can stem from the Wizard of Oz again with Glenda the good witch and the Wicked Witch of the East.


Costume Combinations for Boys

If you have a rambunctious group of boys, here are some favorites that let them express truly express themselves.

Super Heroes
I haven’t met a boy who didn’t wish to be Superman, or Spiderman, or even Batman. Last year Iron Man seemed to be the favorite choice among boys. There are so many to choose from that the little men in your life have a nice variety of options to choose from. A really neat idea also would be the super heroes featured in the film, The Avengers.

super manspider manbatmanIron man

BuzzWoody and BuzzWoody
Whether brothers or best friends, these two can be paired up for a cute costume combination. Inspired by yet another famous Disney classic, Toy Story, the two find friendship in a time of need. Keep it somewhat simple with a western outfit paired with a brown cowboy hat for woody. If you have a girl who’d like to join the combination, there’s also Jesse!

Ahoy Matey! There are actually two different movie/shows that this inspiration comes from. Pair Captain Jack Sparrow with other similar themed pirates for his crew, or Peter Pan and Captain Hook. This reminds me of yet another possibility for combining costumes with multiple genders. Add Tinker bell to the equation for a family crew.

piratehookpeter pan

There are countless coordinating costume ideas that you can bring together for a cute theme. The themes previously mentioned area all ideas I would love to try although I know with a daughter who is already 4 years old, I may not get the chance to try them as she is at an age where she wants to choose what she’ll be for Halloween. Dressing up kids for trick-or-treating can be so much fun so whether you choose to coordinate or they each want their own thing enjoy it while it lasts and be sure to capture those precious memories.

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