What Changes After Having a Baby?

As you prepare for parenthood, you’re probably well aware that many things are not going be the same. You may have heard plenty of tips from experienced parents about sleepless nights and such. What really changes after having a baby that people don’t tell you? Well, get ready to be enlightened.

Having a baby changes EVERYTHING. It transforms your body into a remarkable temporary housing for the life that is soon to come. It changes your bank account for sure. It even changes the way you once perceived things. Here I’ll share a few things you may not have heard just to give you an idea of what you can really expect.

How Everyday Life Changes

Once you introduce a new baby into the equation there will be several things you may not have expected would change about your everyday life.

Forget schedules – if you’re used to following a set schedule, i.e. breakfast at 7am, lunch at noon, dinner at 6pm and TV until bed, prepare for that to get thrown out the window! Babies follow a schedule all their own. This is especially true for breast-fed babies.

New-found appreciation for parents – as you enter the world of parenthood, you finally get to see what your parents went through. You can see the world through your mother’s eyes when she was raising you and find a new appreciation towards her. You can also relate when you see another parent with a crying baby with sympathy rather than annoyance.

Finding beauty in small things – the little things that you once took for granted now have new meaning to you because of the way your child sees them. Something like a bird sitting on a window ledge captures your baby’s attention and you take notice.

Priorities change – you soon learn that things you may have found important before, aren’t anymore. The things you thought you would have to sacrifice by having a baby are not that big of a deal after all.

You rethink your shopping trips – before having a baby, jumping in the car to run here and there was easy-peasy. Afterwards, it’s an ordeal getting out of the door. From packing the diaper bag to lugging around the car seat, you reconsider how important those shopping trips are and you’ll likely find you’re getting out much less.

How You Change After Having a Baby

Caring for a new little person changes a lot including you as a person. You become more mature because you are now responsible for someone else’s life.

Your friends – You always think you and your BFF from high school will remain friends even in adult life. But things change when you start a family. Your non-parent friends won’t relate to the same things as you and because your priorities have changed you probably won’t find interest in the same things you once did. You will most likely lose friends you once had, but with that being said you’ll gain new friends as a mom.

Your relationship – you should never have a baby for the sake of saving your relationship if it’s already shaky. Having a baby can bring couples closer . . . in some aspects. It also puts much pressure on both parties because it’s an added responsibility. Date nights become a luxury and really only worth it if you have a relative or close friend to watch the baby rather than paying extra for a babysitter.

Your body – it goes without saying that your body naturally goes through many changes during and after having a baby. You may never have your pre-pregnancy body back, but you come to respect your body more. You know what it is capable of. And you find strength that you never realized you had.

Introducing a baby into your life is a big adjustment. While there will be many unexpected changes after having a baby, there will be new adventures and new joys that come with it. Parenthood is not all sunshine and rainbows, but it is worth it. You’ll pull your hair out one minute and gleaming with pride the next when your baby does something new. It’s all a part of the journey.

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