Top 10 Most Used Baby Products

You may have seen some of our buying guides for some of the best baby product must haves. Well, I decided to do something a little different. Rather than simply listing the best products you can buy, I want to highlight those products that really make a difference. I asked moms what were the products they used the most during their baby’s first year to find out what things you really can’t live without. Here are the top 10 most {Read More}

The Best Mom-Favorite Vacuum Cleaners

I’m sure most moms feel this way but ever since I had kids I’ve come to realize I may have a very mild form of OCD. Never before have I been particular about things like which way the bottles should go on the drying rack or not having anything on the floor. I’ve let up a bit but it still gets me at times. We have carpeting so I’m always laying down blankets for our son to play on because {Read More}

Coordinating Costume Ideas for Siblings

Growing up my mother often dressed my sister and I in coordinating costumes and outfits and I always loved the idea. Since I have a boy and a girl it’s a little hard to put them in matching outfits, but I thought I would have their costumes coordinate. Last year we went with a traditional Halloween theme because she really wanted to be a witch, which I put together myself. So I dressed my son as a pumpkin because I {Read More}

My Wish List for the Best Camcorder

We currently have a digital camera which has video capabilities, although the quality isn’t great. Whenever the kids do something super cute I normally just record them using my phone because that way I can share it with friends and family. Our 4 year old has taken dancing and I would really like to have a good quality camcorder that would work well for recording her dance revues and our son’s milestones. So I sought out to look for the {Read More}

What I Am Looking For In Buying A New Crib

When I was pregnant with our first child, the place we previously lived at was smaller than our home now so space played a large part in our buying decisions as we prepared for our arrival. Our bedroom however, was fairly spacious so we gave no thought on our choice of crib at the time. It was a drop-side crib which as since been recalled so the manufacturer sent us a new one that met the new safety standards. Now {Read More}