The Transition with Multiple Children

Are you thinking of expanding your family? There are many things to take into consideration. Often times parents wonder how much harder it will be to make the transition with multiple children. For every parent it’s different. Age difference also plays an important factor when you are going from one baby to two or going from two kids to three. As a parent of two (and another on the way) I can speak from experience. If you are planning on {Read More}

Tips for Photographing Babies and Toddlers

Babies and children are the easiest subjects to photograph because of all of the cute things they do. However, when you want good quality pictures that are frame-worthy, photographing babies and toddlers can be tricky. Babies move so much it makes it nearly impossible to capture that perfect picture unless you are an experienced professional. Sure, portrait studios are ideal for getting great quality photos to share with friends and family. Personally, I find these look a little too staged. {Read More}

Breaking the Pacifier Habit

Pacifiers can be a soothing comfort for fussy babies as well as save your sanity. There are several benefits to offering baby a pacifier and the American Academy of Pediatrics even recommends it at nap time and bed time to reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS. However, babies can easily become attached to their paci, which makes it difficult when the time comes for them to give it up. Here are some helpful tips on breaking the pacifier habit from {Read More}

Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls

What’s in a name? A lot, actually! Naming your baby is something most parents give much thought to, though for some it’s very easy. Perhaps you have your names picked out already based on the name of a relative. Some parents wait until the day their baby is born to decide on a name. It’s also not uncommon for certain names to become popular after a huge hit movie; for instance, Elsa and Anna seem to be making quite a {Read More}

The 5 Baby Gear Must Haves for the First 6 Months

A baby’s needs rapidly change throughout their various stages of development. During the first few weeks your newborn’s needs mainly consist of eating and sleeping. Once your baby begins moving around and becoming more social they will be ready for bigger and better things. Equip yourself with these baby gear must haves for the first 6 months of your baby’s development. Activity Gym An activity gym is very beneficial to baby’s development. These allow baby to play while on their {Read More}

5 Must Haves for Working Moms

Going back to work after having a baby isn’t always easy, though many women do it all the time. That’s why there are helpful products that make the transition a little easier for mom. It seems as though there are useful baby products for everything, so here’s my list of the 5 top must haves for working moms. Car Seat Obviously you are going to need a car seat before you leave the hospital with your little one. If you {Read More}

Mother’s Day Special Giveaway: Nursing Pillow

With Mother’s Day coming up we thought we would try something new by celebrating moms with a special giveaway! One of our lucky readers will be picked to win a free Nursing Pillow. These C-shaped pillows help make breastfeeding easier on mom by providing added support for baby. They work well for bottle-fed infants too and are great for supporting babies during tummy time. You can check out these nursing pillows and the 9 patterns to choose from at {Read More}