Is Mold Hiding in Your Baby’s Toys?

First there was a scare about hidden mold in nasal aspirators that are commonly used to help clear a baby’s stuffy nasal passages. Now many parents are concerned about finding mold in baby toys! One particular toy in question that is causing a stir is the classic Sophie the Giraffe toy by Vulli. It’s a classic toy that dates back to 1961 that hasn’t lost its appeal through the years because of the natural composition that has remained the same. {Read More}

Your Baby’s Lasts . . .

From the moment your baby is born you look forward to all of those exciting firsts; their first smile, first laugh, first words, etc. What you don’t realize are those moments that will be your baby’s lasts. It’s those moments you won’t realize at the time but you will miss once they’re gone. Your baby’s last sleepless night, their last spontaneous laugh, their last nap. I’m sure you’ve heard from countless relatives and perhaps even strangers that they grow up {Read More}

The Parent Shaming Trend

These days social media has had a big influence on how people interact and think about others. Most people who are parents today grew up in an era where computers weren’t nearly as prevalent in every home and the photos parents shared were primarily those that were carried in their wallets – professional studio photos in our best dressed. However, with billions of people joining social networks and sharing every aspect of their lives it leaves the door wide open {Read More}

Repurpose Baby Wipes Containers

I like to consider myself a frugal mom. One of the ways I save money is by buying large boxes of wipes refills from Amazon’s subscribe and save option as opposed to buying individual packs because I get 15% off my order. If you’re like me and don’t like throwing things out that can be reused and further stretch your dollar, you will appreciate these ideas to repurpose baby wipes containers that you may have accumulated. In fact, I’ve previously {Read More}

What to Pack: Travel Checklist for Parents

When you’re planning a trip, deciding what to bring can be a hassle. You want to be sure you have everything you need but don’t want to over pack. While it is best to be prepared for anything, especially with infants, there are some items that are simply not necessary for extended outings. Here’s a travel checklist for parents of babies and toddlers with the necessities you need and the things you can leave at home. What to Bring In {Read More}

Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon Review

A wagon is an all-time classic favorite for many reasons. Kids love riding along in them as well as pulling along their toys. Of course, Radio Flyer is a widely recognized name brand when it comes to wagons and they’ve come a long way with many other products (See my Radio Flyer Trike review). With two kiddos and another one on the way, it only made sense to turn to a trusted brand that would last when looking for a {Read More}

When to Make Transitioning Milestones

Your baby will grow at an alarming rate and as they grow they move on to bigger and better things. It’s those transitioning milestones we take part in that helps to shape little ones to becoming more independent. As a parent it’s often bittersweet to watch your little one evolving from a baby to a toddler to the independent little person they will grow up to be. At some point, you have to let them grow up. First time parents {Read More}

Best Places for Creating a Baby Registry

When you’re expecting, there are a lot of things you will need in order to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Most women opt to have a baby shower to invite friends and family for a fun social gathering where you receive much-needed gifts. There are so many places now that offer registries for such occasions to provide a list to your guests of things you will need. Some stores, including online retailers, offer special benefits to expecting moms by creating {Read More}

The Daddy Diaper Party

From gender reveal parties and baby showers, an expectant mom gets a lot of attention and new gifts for the baby. What about Dad? I’ve actually been to baby showers that were open for both men and women, though it’s still primarily about the ladies. Don’t worry Dads, we have a solution just for you so you’re not left out. A daddy diaper party is the perfect way for an expectant father to celebrate his new baby with his guy {Read More}

The Transition with Multiple Children

Are you thinking of expanding your family? There are many things to take into consideration. Often times parents wonder how much harder it will be to make the transition with multiple children. For every parent it’s different. Age difference also plays an important factor when you are going from one baby to two or going from two kids to three. As a parent of two (and another on the way) I can speak from experience. If you are planning on {Read More}