How to Handle Lying in Toddlers

All kids do it. At some point or another your child will tell you stories or lie about something they may have done (or not done). There are many reasons that children tell lies and it’s actually just a part of their development. While some are more serious than others, it should be corrected and taught once they know right from wrong that saying things that are not truthful is not OK. We’ve recently encountered this issue with our oldest {Read More}

Rules of Discipline

Children are not always the perfect little angels we want them to be. When a child does something that is out of line there needs to be a consequence for the bad behavior. Learning how to listen and respect adults is important not only to keep your kids from walking all over you but vital for starting school. Each parent has their own way of disciplining their child. Despite controversial topics resulting from disciplinary actions, there are certain rules of {Read More}

Traveling with Kids

Vacations are a great way to spend quality time together as a family. Well, perhaps a little too much quality time when it comes to traveling with kids until you reach your destination! That was the case on a recent vacation we planned where we would be driving for 8 hours straight during one leg of the trip. I was dreading the never-ending chain of ‘Are we there yet?’ However, thanks to some clever ideas for the road, we only {Read More}

Clever Ways to Disguise Vegetables for Kids

Children can be really finicky eaters. One day they’ll like something and the next day they want nothing to do with it. There will be times when they discover something they love and will want to eat it everyday for a week. As parents we often wonder about what’s on our child’s plate and getting them to eat right to ensure proper nutrition for their growth and development. I like to mix things up every once in awhile with something {Read More}

How To Repurpose a Play Yard

Most parents will own a play yard for their babies. After all, they are very useful during the early months and many of the play yards today have several features that make them quite versatile. So what do you do with it after your baby has outgrown it? If you plan on having more kids in the future then you will most likely store it away for future use; however if you know you’re family is complete there are several {Read More}

8 Simple Chores for Toddlers to Do

Instilling good habits in children early on helps them to learn responsibility and makes it much easier on parents. By the time our son was born, my daughter was old enough to begin picking up after herself and helping out with chores around the house. It was such a big help letting her do things on her own. Usually between ages 2 and 3 you can let your child start helping out with everyday chores around the house. Simple chores {Read More}

Learning Activities For Summer

Now that the summer is upon us the kids are out of school and though there are countless fun activities for summer for the kids to do, boredom can quickly set in. So how do you cure those summertime blues? Just because school is out doesn’t mean they have to stop learning. In fact, many kids lose out on some of the things they’ve learned when they aren’t actively keeping their minds attentive with mind stimulating recreation. There are many fun projects and {Read More}

Fun and Traditional Kids Party Ideas

Call me old fashioned but I like to err more towards the classic things from when I was growing up. Birthday parties have turned into such a big promotion that it puts pressure and stress on parents to host a fun party that kids will enjoy. When I was a kid you went to a party to give gifts, not receive them (goodie bags). And our parents didn’t have to shell out a fortune to ensure we had a good {Read More}

Homeschooling: 5 Learning Activities For Preschoolers

Teaching a toddler fundamental skills that are engaging and fun may seem like a difficult challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways that you can help boost your child’s learning to help be ready for kindergarten. Here are some basic learning activities for preschoolers that you can do to help expand your toddler’s mind and encourage developmental growth. Learning and Identifying Letters A popular decorating idea for nurseries is displaying the child’s name on the wall {Read More}

Homeschooling: Hands On Learning

Everyone is different in how they learn best. With young children, the best way to teach concepts that they can easily grasp is through hands on learning activities. I like to follow this (to some extent) through various learning materials which my daughter can choose from to encourage her independence skills. This is just my technique, though some children learn better through guided teaching with specific instructions. Here are a few activities you can do with your toddler to encourage {Read More}