Safe Sleeping Alternatives to Cribs During a Natural Disaster

The safest place for your baby to sleep is in a crib, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This, of course, is under normal circumstances, but what about in an emergency? Natural disasters and some cases of emergencies can sometimes leave parents in a tough situation where a crib may not be an option. Here, I’ll cover some safe sleeping alternatives to cribs to provide your baby with a safe, comfortable place to dream peacefully. In the wake of {Read More}

How Often Should Babies Nap For?

In my experience from working in a daycare setting, I’ve seen many different napping schedules. Like most parents with more than one child will tell you, no two children are exactly alike. Some may be more than willing to take their nap around nap time while others resist with every effort they have. Consequently, the question that commonly arises is how often should babies nap? Often times, new parents believe that if their babies sleep too much during the day, {Read More}

Toddler Sleeping Troubles

Some parents are lucky to have babies that start sleeping through the night at only a few weeks old. I had two completely different sleepers. My oldest was a sound sleeper by the time she was 3 months old, but my son at 15 months was still waking up at night sometimes. If you’re having toddler sleeping troubles I’ll share some of the things we did as well as various methods. We have tried numerous ways to help our son {Read More}

10 Best Organic Baby Blankets Under $30

Babies spend much of their time sleeping, therefore newborns get a lot of exposure to baby blankets. In fact, even when they aren’t sleeping in their cribs, babies are often wrapped or swaddled in blankets. With something that comes in close contact to your baby’s delicate skin, organic baby blankets and bedding offers the safest option to ward off sensitivity to fabrics. Here’s the difference between organic baby blankets and bedding as opposed to non-organic varieties: with regular non-organic blankets {Read More}

Best Organic Crib Sheets for Under $30

When you think of organic crib bedding, you may be thinking you have to compromise cuteness for comfort. Not so! Organic crib sheets consist of natural materials that are less irritating against baby’s skin than regular sheets. Non-organic crib sheets are made with non-natural fabrics, such as polyester and other man-made materials. The non-organic variety use fabrics such as cotton that is generally treated with pesticides. Organic bedding, however, is sewn with fabrics created with organic materials such as wool {Read More}

Infant Development: 3rd Month Milestones

By now your baby is probably starting to become more alert as they are growing out of the newborn phase. You may notice them becoming more social and interactive with you. Here’s a look at a some of the things your baby might be doing during his 3rd month in infant development. While holding them in a standing position, may begin to bear some weight on both legs May be able to lift head and shoulders between 45-90 degrees while {Read More}

Sleeping Strategies Survey

So I listed some sleeping strategies in my recent post on Sleep Solutions. We had different techniques for each of my children. While both of them always had to be kept at an incline to help them sleep, we also had different techniques for each one. Any parent with multiple children, even twins, can tell you that each child is different in their own way. Hence we listed several different methods for helping your child drift off so baby and mom {Read More}

4 Baby Sleep Solutions

Any parent who has experienced restless nights and bedtime battles wants to know the secrets for getting baby off to dreamland. There are several different baby sleep solutions you can try to help your little one snooze successfully so that everyone gets a good night’s sleep. One important rule is consistency. Once you find what works for your baby, stick to it. Also, don’t wait until the moment of desperation to try something new. If your little one is having {Read More}

Establishing healthy sleep habits

The key to getting your baby on the right path to successfully sleeping through the night and getting adequate rest is establishing healthy sleep habits. We were not as adamant about establishing a sleep schedule with our second child as we should have and quickly realized that was a mistake. When you set up a sleep schedule it helps your child (both of them if you have more than one) to sleep better. Don’t wait! Don’t wait until your baby {Read More}

Tips for sleep-deprived moms

If there is one thing all parents share in common it would be lack of sleep. While babies spend most of their time during the first few months sleeping, most parents don’t. From late night to middle of the night feedings you feel more like a walking zombie. Just remind yourself this phase will fly by sooner than you know it. We have a few tips for sleep-deprived moms that will help you keep your sanity. On average, newborns typically {Read More}