Useful Ways to Keep Your Toddler’s Artwork

Coloring and painting are great ways to let your little ones express their creativity and learn about different shapes and colors. During those early years, however, you will accumulate quite the collection of masterpieces and it only gets bigger once they start bringing them home from school. If you need to de-clutter but don’t want to chance getting caught throwing their precious drawings away, here are some useful ways to keep your toddler’s artwork. Make an Album You can find {Read More}

Top 5 Fun Attractions for Preschoolers

Family vacations are a fun experience for everyone to bond while doing fun activities together. It can also pose learning opportunities for little ones that help encourage and stimulate development. If you’re unsure of a travel destination to take for your next vacation, check out some of these cool and fun attractions for preschoolers that the whole family can enjoy. The Crayola Experience Now here’s a place where your little Picasso can take their art skills to a whole new {Read More}

Arranging Play Dates

If you’re a stay at home mom, then you know the importance of allowing your kids to have social interaction with other children. Preschoolers need to have friends around their same age to learn how to play with others (and siblings do not count- though they are your child’s first best friend). Arranging play dates can be a little intimidating, especially if you live in an area where you don’t know many people. Here is a guide on how you can connect {Read More}

Organizing Tips for Kids Toys

Now that christmas is behind you and all the gifts have been opened you look around and think, ‘Where am I going to put all of these new toys?’ You can do what I always do which is go through the old toys they don’t play with as much and put them away then rotate them to keep the kids from getting bored with the same thing all the time or donate them. To help keep things well kept together {Read More}

Traveling with Kids

Vacations are a great way to spend quality time together as a family. Well, perhaps a little too much quality time when it comes to traveling with kids until you reach your destination! That was the case on a recent vacation we planned where we would be driving for 8 hours straight during one leg of the trip. I was dreading the never-ending chain of ‘Are we there yet?’ However, thanks to some clever ideas for the road, we only {Read More}

Do More than the Generic Gender Kids Birthday Party

We all know how it is with the first year birthday of a baby or maybe even a baby shower. You generally just haven’t seen enough of your child’s personality, preferences or actual body to make an accurate judge as to what kind of party theme would be appropriate for them so we lean towards traditional gender neutral kids birthday parties. On the upside, unless you plan on taking lots of video and photos, your child is unlikely to remember {Read More}

Fun and Traditional Kids Party Ideas

Call me old fashioned but I like to err more towards the classic things from when I was growing up. Birthday parties have turned into such a big promotion that it puts pressure and stress on parents to host a fun party that kids will enjoy. When I was a kid you went to a party to give gifts, not receive them (goodie bags). And our parents didn’t have to shell out a fortune to ensure we had a good {Read More}

Planning Baby’s First Birthday

It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our baby boy home from the hospital and now he’s almost a year old. Planning for your baby’s first birthday party can be stressful as you prepare for one of your baby’s biggest milestones. Truth is the party isn’t really about the guest of honor, rather it’s more for the adults celebrating baby’s 1 year mark. I know first-hand how overwhelming planning the big day can be. I find it a bitter {Read More}

Fun in the Sun: Summertime Activities for Preschoolers

Summer is quickly approaching which means it’s about time to pull out the pool toys (or you may have taken them out already if it’s typically hot where you live like me) With summer comes pool parties and many fun outdoor activities, but what about the little ones? We’ve listed some fun (and safe) summertime activities for preschoolers to engage in. Spring time presents the perfect weather for letting kids play outdoors. There are a great deal of regular activities {Read More}

Homemade Toys: Repurposing Plastic Easter Eggs

Have you found yourself faced with extra plastic Easter eggs after this past Easter? I know I have. We usually keep them to use for the following year to do egg hunts or placing treats for the baskets. Over time, however we’ve been accumulating extra from gifts given by relatives and egg hunts. I’ve seen other parents faced with the similar situation posting questions and looking for ideas on repurposing those plastic eggs. They make excellent toys for babies as {Read More}