Makeup Hacks for Busy Moms

There are tons of videos on the web these days of tutorials showing you how to contour and achieve the perfect look for a flawless complexion. Do you ever watch them and think ‘who has time for that!?’ Lucky for you, there are fabulous makeup hacks for busy moms to achieve a fresh, touched-up look without spending hours in front of a mirror. I’m not as gifted in the makeup department as some, so these hacks are great for pulling {Read More}

The Reason Why Women Need More Sleep

It comes as no shock that parents are typically always tired. We see it everywhere how women need more sleep because there aren’t enough hours in the day. There are funny memes about it on social media, jokes on t-shirts, and even animations depicting the need for coffee and endless sleepiness. It’s true that this parenting thing is exhausting. However, there is an actual scientific connection between why moms are particularly more tired than dads. It’s not just the running {Read More}

How Coconut Oil Benefits Moms and Babies

I’ve been hearing a lot about coconut oil lately and the many wonderful benefits it can offer for health and beauty. In fact, I knew about the benefits it supposedly has on an expectant mom to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. This got me thinking of all the ways that coconut oil benefits moms and babies! Coconut oil is a remarkable product that is extremely versatile for so many uses. Ever since I have started using it I can’t {Read More}

The Most Bizarre Places Women Gave Birth

Every child birth is unique in its own way, but these bizarre places women gave birth were probably the most unique. When you imagine the birth of your baby, you expect it to be in a safe and comfortable environment. Some women plan on having their baby at the hospital, a birthing center, or even at home. Many women opt to have a pre-set birth plan in place to be well prepared, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned {Read More}

What You Can Do About the Mom Pooch After Pregnancy

Many women are faced with the infamous mom pooch after pregnancy. Between pregnancy weight gain and juggling chores around a newborn’s schedule finding time to get in exercise, let alone eat a healthy balanced diet, can be challenging. But what if there is more to that mommy pooch than just a little extra weight? It could be a common condition that requires a little more than just diet and exercise to get rid of. What is Diastasis Recti Abdominis? A {Read More}

5 Reasons to Support a Child in a Developing Country

Sharing is caring and if your family is financially stable, you may want to make a kid from a developing country happy by sponsoring his or her basic rights and needs. Child sponsorship plays a big role in connecting people to the lives of marginalized children. Sponsoring is different from providing a once-in-a-lifetime help to the needy we see on the streets. Sponsorship is a solid way to make a positive difference in the real life of a deprived child. {Read More}

When to Make Preparations for Baby’s Arrival

There are a lot of things you will need to do before your baby arrives. Being well prepared is important so you have everything covered. I’ve provided this guide on the best time to make certain preparations for baby’s arrival so you don’t have to stress at the last minute. Very few first time parents go into their pregnancy expecting to have an early baby, but prematurity is more common than you might think. Preparing for the unexpected will help {Read More}

Do You Know the Signs of Postpartum Depression

When you’re expecting you most likely imagine your life full of joy and bliss as you take on the roll of parenthood. Sure, you know there will be challenges and stress at times, but you also know that you’ve brought a new little person into your life that will make it worthwhile. What you don’t imagine is spending day after day feeling depressed and not knowing why. You could be experiencing signs of postpartum depression and may not even realize {Read More}

10 Clever Life Hacks for Parents

As parents we could all use a helping hand here and there. Sometimes there are simple little tricks that can make this parenting thing go a lot easier and keep both mom and baby happy. Check out some of these really clever life hacks for parents that will help you save your sanity as well as get the most out of the products you probably have around the house. Who thought of the word life hacks to describe these tips {Read More}

Best Foods for Baby Development During Pregnancy

You are probably already aware of the importance of taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy. Did you know that certain things in your diet can help in your baby’s development? You can give your baby an early start by choosing the right foods for baby development during pregnancy. Likewise, some food choices can actually have a negative impact on baby’s development.   Most of us want to eat healthy during pregnancy, but with morning sickness, food aversions, and wild cravings that {Read More}