The Power in a Cuddle

It seems more and more these days I’m hearing about adoption and foster care. There has been a significant influx as of lately in billboards and commercials advertising the need for adoptive parents. As it turns out, it’s not just coincidence that I’ve happened to notice these things. The number of children in foster care programs and adoption centers is on the rise and so is the need for adoption. But what you may not be aware is the need {Read More}

Children Left in Hot Cars: Don’t Let This Be You

When I was a child, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a parent to leave their child in the car for a minute or two while she ran a quick errand. In this day and age that is a big no-no. So many things can happen in those few minutes you’re gone from car-jacking to child abductions; and if your toddler is older, you’d be surprised how quickly than can manage to escape from their car seats! It seems {Read More}

Baby Gift Ideas: 100 Most Wished For Baby Products

Shopping for the expectant mother can be overwhelming with the numerous baby products on the market. You want to get something special for that someone you know to welcome their new bundle of joy, but what do you get? If you are looking for that perfect gift apart from what everyone else is probably giving them, consider this your ultimate gift registry guide! These are some carefully selected unique baby gift ideas that they’ll remember every day. I have provided {Read More}

18 Best Strollers

Looking for the best strollers? Want to compare industry’s top-rated strollers? Or maybe you just want something affordable? Well, you found them. Below are 18 of Amazon’s best-selling baby strollers to help narrow down your hunt. I further sorted them into 5 different styles for convenience. Buyers have made their choices and cast their votes. These baby carriages/pushcar are the best of the best. Not only are they reasonably priced, they’re far above industry’s standards and more importantly, they got {Read More}