Top Mold Free BathToys

Rub a dub, splashing in the tub. Bath toys can make tub time lots of fun for you and your baby. This is an important time for your baby to bond and learn. You may not realize it, but even as your baby is splashing they’re learning about the world around them. While you’re busy getting them all squeaky clean, keep them engaged with cool and exciting bath toys! As a mother of 3, one thing I’ve learned is that {Read More}

20 Frequently Asked Baby Bathing Questions

We know those new parent fears first time moms are often faced with. We will cover all the basics you need to know on bathing your baby. Rest assured knowing that you will be well prepared for your baby’s first bath with the know-how and information to help you through different obstacles and stages of bathing. We will cover how to bathe a newborn, bath supplies you will need, and bathing safety procedures for getting your baby as fresh as {Read More}

Baby Bath Products Checklist

Here is a small step outside of the nursery and into the bathroom. I have compiled a buying guide for must-haves and useful baby bath products. Bath time is a fun time for babies. The joys of splashing in the water is exciting and moms love it because baby can get as ‘messy’ as they want while getting clean in the process. I am going to cover the best products for keeping your baby safe in the tub while keeping {Read More}

Bathing Safety Tips for Your Baby

Although newborns do not get really dirty, they do need to be bathed once the umbilical cord falls off. Unless they have a really bad blowout or nasty spit-up you can probably get by with bathing a couple times a week during their first weeks. For first time parents, bath time can seem like a daunting task by the thought of a little wiggly baby in sudsy water. Extra care is needed when it comes to keeping your newborn safe {Read More}

Purchasing An Infant Bath Tub/Bath seat

There are a vast number of options available today for bathing your baby. From bath tubs, to bath seats, and even bath pods choosing a bathing option for your baby can be mind boggling. When looking for an infant bath tub option for your baby you want something that will serve its purpose while making it easier on you. A crucial rule in infant bathing is NEVER leave an infant alone in a tub no matter how shallow the water {Read More}

Bathing Your Baby While Traveling

It’s an often overlooked aspect when it comes to packing for a trip to have bathing essentials for your baby. Sure you could always take the baby in the bath tub with you but this is not exactly convenient, trust me! (If you think going to the bathroom in a restroom stall with a baby is challenging, try getting out of a bathtub with your 2 month old who can’t sit up on his own yet) If you will be {Read More}

Bathing Your Newborn

Many new parents find the task of bathing a newborn infant to be daunting. The thought of a squirming, wiggly baby and slippery sudsy water can seem to be a scary combination. With preparation and extra care you can put your fears behind so that bathing your newborn can be a special time for you and your baby. Sponge Bathing Until your newborn’s umbilical cord falls off, you will need to sponge bathe your baby. Most parents will do this {Read More}