Candy-Free Easter Ideas

If you have several close relatives nearby like me then your kids probably receive their fair share of gifts and treats for holidays. Last year we had so much extra candy (not to mention Peeps in every color!) that I ended up throwing a good majority of it out. I previously posted on some Easter baby gift ideas that are suitable for infants who are too young for candy and other small items. Well, in this post I’m going to share some candy-free Easter ideas that toddlers and preschoolers will equally enjoy.

Easter basketCandy Free Easter Basket Ideas

Here are some candy-free Easter ideas that you can put in your child’s basket that are just as sweet without the sugary confections that stores try to push this time of year. You’ll find that I didn’t include things such as plush toys which are very popular this time of year as well. This is simply because most kids already have plenty of these and may even receive one or two from a relative (as in grandparents).

Board games – Games are a great way to entertain kids as well as encourage them to use certain skills such as memory and strategy. Travel games are the perfect size to put in your child’s basket. Tic-tac- toe is a favorite as it is easy for young preschoolers to play and the smaller handheld games are great for car rides. You can sometimes find Easter-themed options in stores where the pieces are shaped like bunnies.

piggy paintNail Polish – most little girls love playing dress up. Kid-friendly nail polish sets are great for little divas who love glimmer. I like the Piggy Paint sets because they are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odorless so there’s no horrible obnoxious smell.

Coloring Notepads/Crayons – These are also pretty easy to come by in store shelves with Easter coloring pads that are perfect for their baskets. Some may even come with a small pack of crayons. As a mother, I’m not a big fan of markers so I don’t recommend them and crayons are a common item many children already own. Give them something a little different such as scented crayons or glittery crayons. I also like the ones that you twist up because there’s no paper for them to peel off and they don’t break like regular crayons (unless they decide to untwist them all the way, of course).

play doughPlay Dough – This is another fun idea that kids love and allows them to exercise their creativity. You can find sets of small containers that come together in a pack and even some that come with molds for your little one to make fun shapes and cute characters.

Outdoor Easter Gift Ideas

Spring time is a time when children are frequently outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Fun outdoor toys and activities are a great to encourage little ones to get out and play. There are usually quite a few great options that stores will put on the shelves around Easter time.

BallBalls – what kid doesn’t like a ball? You can easily find cute character-themed bouncy balls that are great for playing catch with young toddlers. Foam rocket balls are also pretty popular for older children, especially little boys.

Games – fun outdoor games are great for getting kids to move and exercise. Some neat ideas you can give them are:

  • Miniature golf sets
  • Baseball sets – the ones that come with a stand and plastic bats in different sizes
  • Velcro ball and catch games

Sidewalk ChalkChalk – These are another item you can sometimes find on Easter shelves; although they are generally always available. Chalk is a great way to let your little ones express their creativity with no limits. It washes off easily and there’s no worry about getting paint or marker all over your house.

Candy Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

What’s Easter without a fun game of Easter egg hunt? There are countless ideas with plastic Easter eggs; although, the most common treat kids find in them is candy. Whether you’re having an egg hunt or just want to put a few in your child’s basket to give them something fun to open with a surprise inside, here are some easy non-candy ideas:

  • Stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Bouncy balls*
  • Erasers and pencil toppers*
  • Healthy snacks (these are more suitable with your own kids or an egg hunt with just the family as they aren’t wrapped) fish crackers, fruit gummies, trail mix, etc.

For a big Easter egg hunt where you’ll need a large quantity of items to fill up eggs check out party supply stores for more candy-free Easter ideas. These are a great place to find small trinkets and prizes in packs of 8 or more.

*These ideas are intended for preschoolers and not recommended for children under 3 as they pose a choking hazard.

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