Buying Guide: Wireless IP Camera Top Sellers of 2013

With the modernized baby monitoring systems there are many advancements now so that keeping an eye and an ear on your baby has never been easier. In this digital age we have the option of video baby monitors and even sensory monitors that provide better peace of mind for parents. You can even find a baby monitor app on your smartphone. But do you really need to spend the extra on some of the expensive systems? We recently explained the differences between video baby monitors vs. wireless IP cameras to help provide a little perspective on these two systems.

While they aren’t specifically designed for monitoring babies there a few advantages to wireless IP cameras. For instance, I mentioned previously that I was interested in a monitoring system which I could use for both of my kids in separate rooms in my baby monitor wish list. I came to discover that what I was looking for just wasn’t possible with a traditional video monitor so then I discovered the wireless IP camera. I did my research on them and so I’ve provided this buying guide on wireless IP camera top sellers of 2013 as your go-to resource when considering this alternative.

Top Selling Wireless Internet Cameras

These are some of the best wireless cameras that use the Internet for video monitoring to multiple devices. While they serve for many purposes, mainly surveillance, these were some of the top sellers for keeping an eye on baby.

ImogenStudio +Cam


4.0 out of 5 stars

This is a wireless camera that is specifically designed for iPhones and Android smart phones so there’s no computer required to set it up. It provides day time and night time viewing at 30fps and uses infrared LED lights for clear night vision in dark rooms. It has a built-in mic for audio capabilities so you can see and hear from your smartphone. The set up couldn’t be any easier; it just connects wirelessly to your device then set up by downloading the required app. See reviews

Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera


3.9 out of 5 stars

As simple as this little camera looks, it is one of the biggest selling video monitoring cameras for homes, babies, and pets. It provides online streaming in HD to your compatible device with mobile alerts and motion detection to keep you informed on what’s going on. You can pan and zoom digitally from your mobile device for a better picture. Protective encryption ensures security of the video to prevent hackers from gaining access. Two-way audio allows you to hear and talk back to your baby. You can even share cute videos of your little one with friends and family. See reviews

D-Link Wireless Day/Night Network Camera


3.3 out of 5 stars

The D-Link camera connects wirelessly to work with iPhone and Android smart phones with the downloadable app so you can watch from anywhere both day and night. It also comes with software for additional capabilities including motion detection, schedule it to record at certain times, set up notification alerts via email, and it can be expanded up to 32 cameras so you can have eyes and ears in every part of your home. See reviews

Wireless PTZ IP Cameras

These wireless IP cameras were some of the best top sellers among PTZ IP cameras. Pan, tilt and zoom cameras are the most popular choice for their capabilities of recording from multiple angles.

Foscam F18910W PTZ Camera


4.2 out of 5 stars

This Foscam camera comes with a multitude of features. You can remotely pan and tilt the camera at 120 degrees vertical and 270 degrees vertical for an optimal view of your viewing area. It also features two-way audio so you can talk back to the one you’re recording making it an ideal baby monitor camera. Night vision allows for a clear picture up to 26ft after the lights go out. It is easy to set up and use once you configure it and comes with tech support in case you run into any snags setting it up. See reviews

HooToo HT-IP210F Wireless Camera


4.2 out of 5 stars

The HooToo camera lets you view wirelessly from any smart phone, tablet, or computer so you can see your baby from anywhere in the world. It can pan up 320 degrees and tilt up to 120 degrees with video motion detection and email alerts making it a great nanny cam also so you know what’s going on when you aren’t home. Camera delivers clear color video during the day and 16 LEDs for night-vision that offers crisp video in nearly complete darkness. Two-way communication audio support provides a talk-back option feature. See Reviews

Motorola Blink1 Wi-Fi Video Camera


3.5 out of 5 stars

Quite similar to the Motorola baby monitoring system, this camera is designed for use in watching babies, pets, or your home with two-way communication capabilities and infrared night vision. It is viewed and controlled remotely by smart phone, tablet, or a computer through a wireless internet connection. Connecting it to your mobile device is simple by using the required app which is free to download. It offers additional features such as lullaby player, room temperature feedback, and PTZ.

Best Budget Wireless IP Cameras

Generally you get what you pay for and no doubt you will receive a high quality camera at a higher price tag. However, wireless IP cameras can provide a more affordable alternative to video baby monitoring systems. If you’re looking to save money here are some great options in wireless IP camera top sellers for under $50.

TENVIS Wireless IP PTZ/Night Vision Camera


3.8 out of 5 stars

The TENVIS internet surveillance camera comes in at a reasonable price but it certainly doesn’t lack in features. It features pan and tilt 90 degrees vertical and 270 degrees vertical for multiple views at a rate of 25 frames per second. The camera connects wirelessly and allows you to send pictures via email. There’s a built-in sensor for it to switch over to night vision in a dark room at range of up to 32 feet. Built-in mic and speaker give it two-way audio capability so you can talk back on it. It’s also pretty simple to set up. See reviews

EasyN Wireless WiFi Camera


3.0 out of 5 stars

See and control remotely from your mobile device with the EasyN wireless camera. There are many features that make it a good value for the price such as two-way audio capabilities, night vision, motion detection, video remote playback and alert notifications. It comes with 10 preset positions which you can change up to achieve the ideal viewing angle. See reviews

Wanscam Wireless IP Camera


4.5 out of 5 stars

This wireless IP camera by Wanscam allows for remote access using a web browser. It has similar features to Foscam including a built-in speaker for two-way communication, motion detection with email notifications, and night vision. It has a pan of 270 degrees and tilt of 90 degrees for multiple viewing angles. Camera also has smartphone viewing capabilities to watch from. The setup is quite user-friendly. See reviews


One notable factor to consider when looking into wireless IP cameras is that they can pose a potential hacking risk as they use a wireless internet connection. These wireless IP camera top sellers are great options if you’re looking for a monitoring system for your home and to keep an eye on your baby. They are considerable alternatives to some of the more expensive baby monitors on the market with a few advantages in comparison.


  1. Amily Watkins says

    Wow! a great review! It’s so simple yet many don’t know that one can use a wireless IP camera rather than a baby monitor, not at all less effectively. I didn’t myself until we got a video security system in our house. We learnt more about cameras and came to the conclusion we could use some of them for baby monitoring. It actually goes good together – overall house security and monitoring your child’s room.

    And actually it doesn’t have to be the wireless one – unless you are going to place it straight on your child, that is… which I hope you aren’t.

    The listed budget cams are good but if they fail, they fail. This is much like buying from eBay “pay and pray” style. Pray that it works otherwise you’ll be disappointed. However, in most cases, they will do well for baby monitoring.

    Another key factor is what intelligent features you are going to use. Some cams are good with that, some not. We’ve got cameras of different makes so we had to find software that would be working with all those different makes. We now have Xeoma software to view them all. But that’s a whole new level. If you going to use just 1 camera to keep an eye over your baby, choose one with support for cell phone view, good night view, audio support. This will do. We have a DLink in our kids’ room and it’s quite good.

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