The Most Bizarre Places Women Gave Birth

Every child birth is unique in its own way, but these bizarre places women gave birth were probably the most unique. When you imagine the birth of your baby, you expect it to be in a safe and comfortable environment. Some women plan on having their baby at the hospital, a birthing center, or even at home. Many women opt to have a pre-set birth plan in place to be well prepared, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned as proven by some of these crazy birth stories.

In a Public Restroom
public bathroomA public restroom is probably one of the last places you would ever imagine giving birth. The mere thought of the germs these places host can be a nightmare for any mom. Be that as it may, there are several cases where women suddenly went into labor while at a public location and ended up delivering in the restroom. Among some of the more notable incidences include at a McDonald’s in New Jersey, a Walmart in Saskatchewan to an unsuspecting woman that was unaware she was even pregnant, and in a grocery store in the UK to a teen mom.

In a Vehicle
fast carWhen baby is ready to come they make their debut on their own time, even if it’s on the way to the hospital. This was almost the case with our second child when I went into labor 3 weeks early in the middle of the night which rapidly progressed during the one-hour drive to the hospital. While babies being born en-route to the hospital is not uncommon, one of the most bizarre instances of this happening was when one expecting New York mother of twins had her babies on two separate Long Island highways. Another bizarre vehicle birth was on the wedding day of a newly married couple while riding in the limo on their way to the reception.

A Parking Lot a few rare occasions, baby decided to make their arrival after the car ride in the parking lot. This happened to one couple as the expecting father pulled into the driveway at the emergency room entrance. While waiting for a wheelchair to be escorted into the hospital up to delivery, the expecting mother couldn’t wait and delivered her baby right in front of the entrance.

In the Air’s always advisable to get your doctor’s OK before flying if you’re expecting. In fact, it’s not recommended for women who are past their 7th month. While many women wouldn’t dream of taking the chance of flying near their due date, sometimes circumstances may make it inevitable. While it isn’t often, there have been several cases of women that have gone into labor while in the air, resulting in birth before the plane made an emergency landing.

In an Elevator
elevatorOne of the worst fears that many share is getting stuck while in an elevator. Imagine getting stuck when you’re 9 months pregnant in an elevator, and at the hospital no less! That’s what happened to a woman in Tacoma, Washington as she was on her way to the delivery room, which wound up being the elevator she was taking to get there. In another instance of an elevator birth, a Bronx woman who was in labor had just returned from the hospital that determined she wasn’t quite ready. While in the elevator at her apartment complex building she delivered a baby girl in a New York minute with the help of the dad-to-be and his buddies.

At an Amusement Park
disneylandMost people visit amusement parks for the thrill of the rides, not the thrill of delivering their child! For one couple, their trip to Disneyland was particularly special in that it was the birth place of their baby girl. A woman and her husband were visiting the park when she went into labor as her husband was riding Space Mountain! It was surely a trip to remember. It was the 2nd birth to occur at the famous amusement park.

At a Zoo
Apparently, it’s not just animals that have birthed in the zoo. For one woman in New York, her trip to the zoo ended up with her delivering her baby just outside of the bear exhibit. While on the wildlife path, the expecting woman suddenly went into labor requiring the aid of zookeepers.

You can’t always plan for everything, but hopefully you don’t end up delivering in such bizarre places as the women gave birth in these cases. Have a crazy birth story? Share it with us in the comments!

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