Best Video Baby Monitors

In a recent post I shared some of the best baby monitor brands. In my research I had also asked other moms what baby monitor they preferred and my response was primarily that of video baby monitors. It’s no surprise as these advanced monitoring systems offer more security for parents as they cannot only hear their baby, but they can also keep an eye on them without having to constantly check in.

Thanks to technology, baby monitors have come to provide more convenience and better peace of mind to new parents. Now you don’t have to keep peeping in on your little one and risk disturbing them. While standard audio monitors work well for listening when your little one wakes up, a video baby monitor is perfect for parents who want to keep a watchful eye on little ones.

Why Purchase a Video Baby Monitor

awakeWe have always relied on just audio monitors before and video monitors are more expensive than just standard analog and digital sound monitors, so why would you need to buy one of these advanced systems? They may not be for everyone, but for those who like to keep watch over their baby these provide much convenience as well as an added measure of safety. Having a visual of your baby while in another room provides a little more peace of mind when doing things around the house. I know I would certainly consider it as mentioned in my wish list.

Video monitoring systems are more versatile with options that allow you to watch more than one child at a time, color screens for clear images of your baby by day, night-vision so you can still see them in a darkened room and PTZ cameras so you capture every angle. They’re also very useful for toddlers as parents can catch their little escape artist before taking a nasty fall from climbing out of the crib. If you think a video baby monitor is right for you, I’ll share some of the best options available.

Best Video Baby Monitors

This a list of some of the best sellers in video monitors that received high ratings of 4.0 or greater out of 5 stars and reviews by users for reliability and quality.

Angelcare 4pc Baby Video Sound and Movement Monitor
This 3-in-1 monitoring system has a 2.75″ color touchscreen parent unit with a user-friendly interface. It uses a digital frequency that automatically selects the right channel for minimal interference at a range of up to 656′. It runs on A/C power or batteries with backup power failure system.
Features: Sensor pad detects baby’s movements, alarm to alert parents of no movement picked up after 20 seconds, room temperature sensor, night light, and a locator on the parent unit if it gets misplaced.
What others say about it:Best upgrade ever, and worth every penny.” Check out the reviews.

Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor
Levana AstraSpecifications: This is a digital sound monitor with a PTZ camera that has a 3.5″ screen parent unit with a 750ft range. The monitor runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts up to amazingly 48 hours in power-saving mode, 10 hours in operating mode.
Features: Pan-tilt-zoom camera, long-lasting battery life, talk-back communication, night vision of up to 12ft, 3 lullabies, expandable system up to 4 cameras.
What others had to say:Makes things much easier for me at night.” See the full reviews here.

Samsung Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor
samsungSpecifications: This video monitor uses a 3.5″ color screen for the parent unit for viewing baby and controls to access certain features remotely. It uses a digital signal to transmit sounds without interference up to 900′ and runs on A/C power; the parent unit has rechargeable batteries for wireless portability.
Features: two-way audio for talk-back capability, pan-tilt-zoom camera, night vision, power-saving mode using voice activation, belt clip and flip stand on the parent unit.
What others say about it: The picture quality is sharp during the day, and the night vision is very good, too.” You can see more reviews here.

Levana 32111 Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor
Parent unit features a 2.4″ LCD screen with the most powerful baby monitor battery with a base for the unit to sit in for recharging and lasts up to 8 hours; it uses a digital signal at a range of up to 500ft.
Features: Night vision camera up to 15ft, two-way talk back feature,built-in night light, temperature sensor, plays lullabies, expandable system with up to 4 cameras, and adjustable angle camera.
What others say about it:It gives me peace of mind to be able to watch and hear the baby!” Check out the full reviews.

Lorex Sweet Peek Video Baby Monitor
LorexSpecifications: It has a 2.4″ color screen on the portable parent unit making it easier to carry around with up to 450′ outdoor range, night vision camera at up to 12′, rechargeable batteries that lasts up to 8 hours and included 2 power adapters for A/C power.
Features: Two-way talk back feature, built-in night light, plays lullabies, digital zoom to get in close on your baby, expandable system up to 4 cameras, and the camera is wall mountable.
What others say about it:Clear screen, great night vision, awesome sound quality, and easy to use!” See the full reviews.

Parents will sleep a little easier at night with these video baby monitors resting assured that they’ll hear and can see baby’s slightest motions. If you’re thinking a video monitoring system is for you then any of these would make suitable choices for baby’s nursery.

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