Best Selling Slings for Under $50

When I had my son he was always attached at the hip. With two kids in tow having a sling was a life-saver. It gave me the ability to do things around the house and with both arms while having the baby close-by. Slings and wraps date back for centuries as a means of carrying babies and a form of practice under attachment parenting. Here is a list of some of the best selling slings to sport your baby around.


I was given a baby carrier for my first child that I didn’t use too often because she never liked being carried. I had more use out of it with my son as he got older, which I wrote a review on. The one we had was not a very expensive one and not the best quality either. Upon looking at other types of carriers I was shocked to find some go for as much as $120 or more. We live in a very warm region so a wrap didn’t seem appealing to me. I found a sling worked best with my son as it was perfect for carrying him when he was a newborn and even as he got a little older. Slings are ideal for nursing mothers as well.

Top Rated Slings

I have tried a variety of baby carriers before finding one that I really liked. To save you time and money from the hassles of trying to find that perfect carrier, I researched some of the best selling and highly rated baby slings on the market for under $50 for affordable baby-wearing options.

Mamma’s Milk Baby Sling
Mammas milkThe Mamma’s Milk sling is a hot item highly recommended by celebrity moms as a must-have. It is made with soft, comfortable cotton and industrial-strength closure that is easily adjustable for the perfect fit. It can be used for newborns to toddlers with multiple positions and fits well inside a diaper bag for on-the-go. The design makes it suitable for both men and women to use and be fitted for various-sized users. See reviews


Hot Slings Adjustable Pouch Baby Carrier
HotslingsA one-size fits-most design, this adjustable sling can be sized for multiple users with an easy buckle system to offer more versatility. It is designed to adjust to various positions to grow with your baby with comfortable leg padding for toddlers. It also features a sleek design that is not bulky or heavy as with other designs. See reviews

Balboa Baby Dr. Sears Adjustable Sling
BalboaHere’s a one-size-fits all adjustable sling by Dr. Sears. It has a contoured strap that is padded for comfort and built to distribute weight evenly. It can be adjusted to carry baby in 5 different positions to grow with your baby up to 25 pounds. It features a deep pocket with and elastic edge to keep your baby safely secured close to you for better hands-free mobility. See reviews

The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling
The Peanut shellThis adjustable sling can accommodate multiple users by adjusting for various sizes. It has several key features to offer comfort and provide a safe way to carry your baby with a non-slip safety strap and padding around the rails. It is made with soft, stretchy material that is breathable and lightweight to keep your baby comfortable. The sling creates a nice pouch for carrying baby up to 25 pounds. See reviews

Lucky Baby Wear Adjustable Sling
Lucky BabyThese slings are designed from a green company that manufactures environment-friendly products. The adjustable sling comes in a variety of cute patterns that are reversible for a solid or print look. They are made of durable, soft cotton fabric designed to hold babies from 8 – 35 pounds. They come in multiple sizes to fit different users ranging from small to extra large. See reviews

Lite-On Shoulder Baby Sling
Lite-On-Shoulder slingIf you’re looking for a stylish sling that is functional and comfortable the Lit-On-Shoulder sling offers a wide array of options. These slings feature a padded strap that makes it easier on the shoulders. The sling is composed of cool, breathable cotton sateen material that is perfect in warmer climates to keep babies from overheating. It can be adjusted for various carrying positions for better comfort of your baby up to 35 pounds. See reviews


Munchkin Jelly Bean Reversible Sling
MunchkinThe Munchkin reversible sling provides convenient baby-wearing in two different styles combined into one. It holds baby close and snug to mom for discreet feedings and bonding. The sling can be used in 5 different carrying positions. It is a non-adjusting sling that comes in multiple sizes to fit various shaped users. It folds up really well to take along in the diaper bag for on-the-go. See reviews


If you are looking for that perfect sling to carry and keep your baby close by while getting around then these any of these best selling slings would make a great option for an affordable price. If you’re unsure if a sling is right for you, we do feature a few other options in our best baby products guide as well.

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